Australia’s largest innovation event

GFIA in Focus Australia conference and trade fair on in November

GLOBAL EVENT: The GFIA In Focus Australia will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 27 to 28th of November, 2018.

GLOBAL EVENT: The GFIA In Focus Australia will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 27 to 28th of November, 2018.


GFIA in Focus Australia to be held in Brisbane next month


AGRIBUSINESS leaders from across Australia are encouraging farmers and industry to attend the GFIA in Focus Australia conference and trade fair.

Agribusiness Australia, Queensland Farmers’ Federation, AgForce Queensland, Irrigation Australia, Growcom, Passionfruit Australia, Queensland Olive Council, Society of Precision Agriculture Australia and Northern Territories Farmers Association have all thrown their weight behind the Australian edition of the global event. 

Agribusiness Australia, chief executive officer, Tim Burrow said the event fostered collaboration. 

“Our mantra is to advocate, to be inclusive and to spread knowledge, with the sole aim of advancing agribusiness for the national good,” he said.

“A stronger agribusiness sector benefits not only our communities, but also our nation’s financial and cultural wealth, and this event will no doubt be invaluable in creating new business opportunities, advancing knowledge and supporting greater collaboration.”

Queensland Farmers’ Federation, chief executive officer, Travis Tobin, said the upcoming fair aligned with the federation’s key strategies.

“With our mission being to secure a strong and sustainable future for Queensland farmers, GFIA In Focus is  a great opportunity to learn more about developing sustainable farming for the future,” he said. 

The event will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 27 to 28th of November, 2018. Entry is free, however participants must visit to register attendance as places are capped at 2000. 

Event organiser, One CMG Group, sales director, David Stradling, said whole of industry events were pivotal value across Australia’s agricultural sector. 

“Unlocking agriculture’s growth potential requires a collaborative effort from all levels of government, industry, researchers and vested interest communities. In the face of continued drought and calls to raise productivity, farmers, growers and agribusinesses will increasingly need to implement more sustainable technologies,” he said. 

“We see GFIA In Focus Australia as a prime opportunity for farmers, growers and agribusinesses across the country to learn more about the latest innovations in agriculture.

“We’re pleased to have nine of the country’s most influential agri-business member organisations on board for this unique event.”

Mr Stradlins said the two day event featured two world-class showcases of leading-edge technology in precision and smart farming on one side of the Convention Centre’s Grand Hall, and on the other, an exhibition of suppliers in technology for controlled environment and protected cropping.

He said the events are supported by their own dedicated conference and side-event programs, and visitors will have access across the entire event.

GFIA In Focus Australia will be held from the 27th to the 28th of November at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Entry is free to GFIA in Focus Australia, however tickets are limited to 2000, visit to register your attendance. 

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