Angus weaner steers 292c on AuctionsPlus

Angus weaner steers 292c on AuctionsPlus


There were 1147 cattle offered on AuctionsPlus this week, with a clearance rate of 91pc.


Cattle numbers rose slightly on AuctionsPlus this week, totalling 1147 head. Clearance also improved to 91 per cent, with weaners the focus of bidding activity.

Weaned steers weighing up to 300kg averaged 288c, selling to a top of 292c. Aldingham Family Trust, Winton, offered a line of 190 Angus steers which returned the top price.

Weighing 204kg, these steers are 5-9 months and bred from TeMania bloodlines.

The vendor also offered another three lines, 190 Angus steers, aged 7-12 months and 257kg sold for 290c.

A line of 152 Angus heifers, weighing 268kg and aged 7-12 months returned the top price of 257c, while a line of 200 Angus heifers, 5-9 months and weighing 194kg sold for 250c.

From Springsure, R & J Woolcock offered a line of 152 Droughtmaster/Brahman cross yearling steers which sold for 270c. Weighing 280kg, these steers are 10-13 months old.

Weaned heifers weighing up to 270kg averaged 250c, selling to a top price of 257c.

From Condamine, RB & RM McInnerney offered a line of 66 Charolais cross heifers which sold for 245c.

Weighing 265kg, these heifers are 10-14 months old.

The vendor also offered a line of 90 Charolais cross weaned steers which returned 282c.

These steers are also 10-14 months and weigh 281kg.

AL & LS Cowper, Aramac, offered a line of 11 PTIC Santa Gertrudis cows which sold for $650.

These cows are bred from Gyranda and Rosevale Santa genetics, and are 3-8 years old.

Weighing 420kg, these cows have been joined to Santa bulls.

Sheep numbers dropped significantly, with only 590 head on offer from Queensland, a drop of nearly 5000 head.

This week, a 100pc clearance was achieved with the two lots offered secured by NSW buyers.

I H Finlayson, Goondiwindi, offered a line of 265 Merino wethers which returned $85.

These Mundoorie Park blood wethers are 10-14 months and weigh 38kg.

This line was shorn in April and is travelling 250km to Glen Innes, NSW.

From Thallon, MF & MM Murphy offered a line of 325 Merino ewes which sold for $113.50.

Weighing 31kg, these ewes are 12-13 months and bred from Karbulah blood.

These ewes have a 1.5” skin and are making the short journey to Moree, NSW. 


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