Brisbane Markets says strawberries are safe

Brisbane Markets says strawberries are safe


Brisbane Markets has come out to encourage consumers to keep eating strawberries.


ONE of the central hubs for the trade of Qld strawberries has assured consumers strawberries are still safe to eat.

The Brisbane Produce Market is Qld’s largest transhipping hub and wholesalers on the trading floor have spoken up after the recent detection of sewing needles within four punnets of Qld strawberries. 

In a statement, Brisbane Markets said strawberries are “plentiful, of excellent quality and above all, safe for consumers”.


The recent revelation of some contaminated punnets of strawberries sold at a Woolworths store has been traced to one specific farm and any affected lines have already been removed from store shelves.

Brisbane Markets spokesperson, Luke Leeson, said consumers had nothing to fear when purchasing strawberries from their local fruit shop, or other retail outlets.

He said the industry uses robust tracking practices and takes food safety very seriously.

Queensland farmers have enjoyed a bumper crop this strawberry season, with no shortage of high quality


With strawberry prices expected to remain low throughout September, consumers can continue to enjoy the berries as the weather warms up.

It comes as grower advocacy group, Growcom, also spoke out to reassure strawberry consumers. 

Growcom chief advocate, Rachel Mackenzie said the best thing consumers can do right now is continue to support growers.

“Fruit currently available for purchase is safe and we urge consumers to continue supporting the strawberry industry,” she said. 

The Qld strawberry industry has this year experienced a bumper crop causing a glut on the market.

In recent months, some long-term growers have ploughed in their crops with the intention of ceasing strawberry production. 

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