Droughtmaster cross grain assist heifers  263.2c at Moreton

Droughtmaster cross grain assist heifers 263.2c at Moreton


There was a yarding of 463 cattle at Moreton on Tuesday, where the market for yearlings and vealers was slightly dearer.


Agents Boyd O’Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 463 head of cattle at Moreton on Tuesday.  The market for yearlings and vealers was slightly dearer. Quality trade met strong competition, as did heavier feeder steers.  Cows and ox were slightly cheaper than last week.

Murray Grey cross vealer heifers account M & T Knox, Ebenezer sold for 239.2c weighing 227kg to return $545.  D Harvey, Toogoolawah sold Charbray cross vealer steers for 266.2c weighing 203kg to return $541. Charbray cross yearling heifers account J & M Hoogstraten, Goomeri sold for 245.2c weighing 272kg to return $666.  

Droughtmaster cross yearling steers account Brolga Ent, Iredale sold for 267.2c weighing 227kg to return $607.  F O’Shea, Thagoona sold Charbray cross feeder heifers for 257.2c weighing 385kg to return $990. Charbray cross feeder steers account L Dodt, Gatton sold for 273.2c weighing 373kg to return $1021.  RJ Bayliss, Ripley sold Droughtmaster cross feeder steers for 272.2c weighing 270kg to return $736.

Angus cross pasture heifers account W Sabburg sold for 245.2c weighing 420kg to return $1029.  W Sabburg also sold Angus cross pasture steers for 275.2c weighing 487 kg to return $1341. Angus cross pasture ox account O & K Leek, Tenthill sold for 275.2c weighing 540kg to return $1486.  Barraclough Partnership, Toogoolawah sold Droughtmaster cross grain assist heifers for 263.2c weighing 455kg to return $1197.

Charbray cross grain assist steers account D Cahill, Beaudesert sold for 269.2c weighing 455kg to return $1224.  R Hayes, Tarampa sold Charolais cross cows for 243.2c weighing 770kg to return $1872. Charolais bulls account Colinton Pastoral Co, Toogoolawah sold for 253.2c weighing 870kg to return $2202.


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