Float fun for Charleville

Charleville marks 150th with street parade


Bilbies were all the rage in the colourful street parade for Charleville's 150th anniversary celebrations, give or take a couple of years.

Bilbies were a big theme of the colourful 40-float street parade that made its fun-filled way along Charleville’s streets on Friday night, to mark the town’s 150th anniversary, plus a few years.


Charleville was home to the largest Cobb and Co coach-making factory in Australia in the 1890s and while there wasn’t coach in the parade, there was just about everything else.

Preceding the parade was a mouth-watering eat-off staged by Heinemann’s Bakery to celebrate their 20 years in business.

Contestants gulped their way through pies, lamingtons and the creamiest apple turnovers in existence, and it was the Fat Cats – Charlotte Wall, Aaron Hutchings, Nash Kennedy and Callum Richardson – who won the money.

At the end of the parade, the Charleville State School was judged as having the best float while Sophie and Jack Williams had the best bikes.


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