Find your way on farm with the Wolverine

Yamaha Wolverine a hit at AgQuip

LESS LIFTING: The Yamaha Wolverine X2 features a hydraulic tilt tray capable of carrying 272 kilograms.

LESS LIFTING: The Yamaha Wolverine X2 features a hydraulic tilt tray capable of carrying 272 kilograms.


Yamaha Wolverine a hit at AgQuip


FARMERS looking for a high specification side-by-side vehicle (SSV) to carry them in style, may want to check out the new Wolverine X2 by Yamaha. 

Yamaha, marketing supervisor, Lance Turnley said the X2 was based on the same engine platform as the X4 with a more nimble chassis and upgraded suspension and featured a hydraulic tilt tray designed for on farm use and the ability to tow up to 907 kilograms.

“It is built with hydraulic assistance and a robust latch system, the bed transports up to 272kg, with multiple tie- down points to secure cargo or attach accessories,” he said.

Showcasing the the Wolverine X2 at Commonwealth Bank AgQuip, Mr Turnley said the Wolverine featured a pre-wired Adventure Pro GPS, an accessory exclusive to Yamaha.

He said the ability to load maps, routes and points of interest could be useful to farmers looking to spray weeds, capture soil test locations or design a path for workers.

“This state-of-the-art GPS unit combines a range of functions into a single rugged 7-in full-colour display.”

Mr Turnley said farmers would appreciate the on-command 4WD system, which allowed easy transfer between 2WD, limited slip 4WD and fully locked differential 4WD. 

“Our On-Command puts the driver in full control to make the most of available traction in any sort of terrain,” he said.

Mr Turnley said the Wolverine X2 was powered by an 847cc eight valve, twin cylinder motor which included Yamaha technologies such as a crossplance concept crankshaft for linear torque development and forged pistons and connecting rods. 

“To improve efficiency, the engine features a dry-sump design for more compact layout and offset cylinder block to reduce friction loss,” he said. 

“While rubber engine mounts and a geared counter balance ensure smooth running from idle to redline.”

Mr Turnley said Yamaha’s ultramatic transmission is the most advanced and durable CVT drive system available.

“An automatic centrifugal clutch maintains constant belt tension for reduced belt wear and a sprag clutch delivers natural all-wheel engine braking,” he said.

“In the Wolverine X2 R-Spec, a robust clutching system features an oversized belt for durability under aggressive riding, while still maintaining low cruising revolutions per minute (rpm) for smooth, quiet running.”

Mr Turnley said other features of interest included roomy, practical ergonomics for long riding, plush suspension and an ultra-quiet cabin. 

“With nearly 600 watts of electrical output from the engine, a standard 12V DC port and multiple pre-wired accessory switches, the Wolverine X2 R-Spec is ready for a wide range of accessories and add-ons,” he said. 

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