Using technology to improve profits at Gyranda

Gyranda opens its doors to visitors for open day


2018 Gyranda open day draws a good crowd.


The Gyranda Open Day has become an institution for Theodore locals, and 70 curious individuals ventured to Gyranda Santa Gertrudis Stud to see both innovative technology and the genetics it is helping to generate last Thursday .

Roma based TBTS technical officer, Tim Emery, addressed attendees and gave them advice, which is freely available to all beef producers.

Mr Emery suggested people map out where their herd is really at and where they wanted it to go in terms of reproductive performance and meeting market specifications.

He also showcased readily available tools like the EBV percentile graph to make the bull buying process easier for producers.

Nick Corbet of CQU and Gregg Blatchly from Tru-Test introduced the next generation of walk over weighing systems (WOW) and the two trials that are currently under way at Gyranda.

Both trials seek to make the collection of ‘hard to collect’ data, like birth date, easier and more accurate. Improving the information that seedstock producers like Gyranda can provide for the bulls they sell.

The full lineup of 95 bulls will be offered at the annual Gyranda sale on September 20 were available for inspection, and patrons enjoyed the traditional smoko and BBQ lunch.


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