Heavy steers 264c at Emerald

Emerald steers make 264c


Quality and numbers were down slightly at the Emerald prime and store sale on August 9.


Numbers eased to just under 1100 cattle on Thursday, August 9 at Emerald prime and store sale, the decrease driven by the hosting of a special store sale on August 7.

With the exception of a few lines of cattle, prime and store, the best way to describe the quality of the offering, was sub-par. Consequently, prices followed as cattle returning to the paddock become harder to place.

The limited number of bullocks over 550kg sold to 255c/kg to average 246c/kg, heavy steers 500-550kg reached 264c to average 247c, heavy heifers over 400kg sold to 238c to average 200c, heavy cows over 520kg made as much as 202c to average 194c, cows 450-520kg topped at 199c to average 182c and bulls over 600kg peaked at 205c.

Same as the prime cattle, the general run of store cattle being fairly plain, export feeder steers, 400-500kg sold to 265c to average 245c, steers 350-400kg topped at 229c to average 191c, 280-350kg steers reached 234c to average 177c, 200-280kg weaner steers made as much as 274c to average 222c and no light steers under 200kg to quote.

Feeder heifers 350-400kg sold to 205c to average 197c, 280-350kg heifers reached 205c to average 158c, 200-280kg heifers topped at 195c to average 124c, while light heifers under 200c peaked at 160c. No cows and calves to quote this week.


The Flohr family, Wotonga, Moranbah offered Droughtmaster cross heifers to 214c for 452kg and $968, while Philp family, Figtree, Collinsville has their crossbred heifers to 167c for 241kg and $402.

Kerry and Cathy Truloff, The Firs, Willows had their Brahman cross cows to 202c for 644kg and $1302, while the Daniels family, Lorraine, Gindie had their 570kg Santa cows to 199c and $1137. Ken and Deldre Copping, Mt Sunlight, Rolleston sold Santa cross cows to 197c for 551kg and $1087, while their heifer mates reached 205c for 477c and $979.

Ron and Beth Shilvock, Shilome, Capella had their Droughtmaster cows to 197c for 620kg and $1222, while RJ Owens, Kelso Station, Springsure sold Droughtmaster No. 6 steers to 243c for 488kg and $1187. Ken Kazmaier, Hughenden sold Brahman cows to 180c for 423kg and $763, while Aaron Stranks, Sunnyvale, Willows had Brahman heifers to 226c for 433kg and $978.

Mitchell Stranks and Jackie Privett, Budgawillie, Willows saw Brahman cows to 198c for 508kg and $1006, while Ricky Vanlathum, 6 Mile, Alpha offered Brahman cross steers to 210c for 303kg and $637.  


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