Heavy yearling steers sell to 294.2c at Dalby

Heavy yearling steers sell to 294.2c at Dalby


Quality was mixed at Dalby sale this week, where 2928 cattle were yarded.


The supply of stock reduced by 1500 head at Dalby sale this week to total 2928 head and the quality was very mixed. Most of the usual buyers attended.

Heavy weight yearling steers to feed sold to firm demand, while medium to heavy weight lifted in price. Plain condition cows received a small improvement, while the better cows received only quality related price changes.

Medium weight yearling heifers made from 240c to 258c, with heavy yearling steers making up to 294.2c.

Heavy grown steers to slaughter sold from 243c to 266c and medium weight cows sold from 170c to 195c. Bulls sold up to 292.2c.


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