Weaner steers hit 310c at Emerald special sale

Weaner steers hit 310c at Emerald special sale


​There were 3900 cattle penned for the last special weaner/feeder sale for the year at Emerald on Tuesday.


The last special weaner/feeder sale for the year at Emerald on Tuesday resulted in 3900 cattle penned. It was a mostly local offering with the exception of the odd draft from western Qld and Nebo areas. Stock are starting to show signs of the season deteriorating as well as limited competition towards lines of cattle going back to the paddock.

In spec feeder cattle remained firm favourites, while few in numbers saw heavy feeder steers 400-500kg sell to 270c to average 255c, steers 350-400kg reached 266c to average 243c, 280-350kg steers topped at 299c to average 240c, 200-280kg weaner steers made as much as 310c to average 254c, while light steers under 200kg sold to 268c.   

Again the small number of feeder heifers over 400kg sold to 251c to average 233c, heifers 350-400kg reached 237c to average 214c, 280-350kg heifers peaked at 235c to average 204c, weaner heifers 200-280kg topped at 227c to average 200c, while light heifers under 200kg made as much as 204c.

Steve and Vicki Bottomley, Monash, Comet sold Droughtmaster steers to 267c to weigh 426kg or $1138. The Whitehead family, Undercliffe, Springsure consigned Charolais cross cteers to 302c to weigh 274kg and return $828. Tony and Taj Jones, Lou Lou Park, Jericho sold Charbray cross steers to 278c to weigh 265kg or $738.

Cody Ford, Capella, offered Angus cross steers making to 272c and weighed 299kg to return $814. The Cox family, Mt Surprise, Alpha sold Brahman cross heifers to 235c to weigh 359kg and $843. Col and Lorna Baker, Feez Creek, Capella sold Droughtmaster heifers to 235c to weigh 328kg and $773. GO Dickson, Chelbrook, Emerald sold Charolais steers to 270c and 543kg and $1467.

Glen Avon Cattle, Alpha, sold Droughtmaster heifers to 219c and weighed 363kg or $798. Bill and Rebecca Hawkins, Acacia, Emerald sold Santa heifers to 234c to weigh 420kg and $983. Steve and Alison Kajewski, Bettafield, Gindie sold Charolais steers to 284c to weigh 237kg and $675. Codrilla Pastoral Co, sold Angus cross steers to 305c for 245kg and $745, while Belyando Cattle Co, Bygana Station, Clermont had their Droughtmaster steers to 265c for 285kg and $760.

Colinta Holdings, Meteor Downs, Springsure offered 288kg Charolais steers 292c and $840, while the Harvey family, Kenlogan, Clermont had 437kg Droughtmaster steers to 262c and $1130. Kerry and Cathy Truloff, The Firs, Willows, sold Euro cross weaner steers for 310c for 257kg and $794, while their sister mates made 227c for 256kg and $583. Hazelwood Enterprises, Springsure offered Charolais cross weaner steers for 284c for 266kg and $749, while Joe and Estelle Bridgeman, Old Stoney, Capella sold Euro cross heifers for 210c for 326kg and $685.

Karmoo Pastoral Co, Karmoo, Clermont sold Brahman heifers to 203c, 341kg to return $692. Kim Evans and Tony Lawlor, Demipique, Capella, sold Droughtmaster cross steers to 308c for 232kg and $714, while AP and PC Whitehead, Satelitte, Springsure sold Droughtmaster cross steers, 302c for 277kg and $836. Aaron Stranks, Sunnyvale, Willows sold Charolais cross steers to 268c for 195kg and $388, while Mitch Stranks and Jackie Privett, Budgawillie, Willows sold Brangus cross steers to 260c for 181kg and $471.


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