Charolais cross yearling steers 292.2c at Moreton

Charolais cross yearling steers 292.2c at Moreton


The market was dearer for all descriptions at Moreton on Tuesday.


There were 434 cattle yarded at Moreton on Tuesday.  The market was dearer for all descriptions, with quality weaner steers selling to a very competitive panel of buyers.  Vealer heifers sold well and trade cattle were in demand. All export sold to a dearer market.

W & R Sanders, Holmview sold Droughtmaster vealer heifers for 227.2c weighing 142.5kg to return $323. Euro cross vealer steers account T Ryan, Goodna sold 261.2c weighing 226.3kg returning $590. J,S & S Schultz, Blenhiem sold Charolais cross yearling steers for 292.2c weighing 345kg to return $1008. Grain assist Limousin cross heifers account D,C & A Knopke, Lowood sold for 294.2c weighing 400kg to return $1176. C & A Arnold, Blenchview sold Euro cross feeder heifers 258.2c weighing 367.5kg to return $948.

Limousin cross feeder steers account Steinhardt Pastoral Co, Marburg sold for 282.2c weighing 420kg to return $1185. J & D Gurney, Obum Obum sold Droughtmaster cross feeder steers for 274.2c weighing 430kg to return $1179. G Martin, Toowoomba sold Charolais cross feeder steers for 271.2c weighing 415kg returning $1125. M,B,T & F Sippel, Morton Vale sold Charolais cross grass ox for 278.2c weighing 622kg to return $1731. Tab Van Vu, Ellengrove sold Santa cross 0 tooth grass steers for 290.2c weighing 540kg to return $1567.

Santa cross 0 tooth grass heifers account D Laing, Boonah sold for 266.2c weighing 415kg to return $1104. K & L Jackson, Milora sold Charolais cross 6 tooth grass heifers for 248.2c weighing 690kg to return $1712. M B T & F Sippel, Moreton Vale sold Santa cross cows for 232.2c weighing 875kg returning $2031. Charolais bull, account M Conroy, Bryden sold for 242.2c weighing 860kg to return $2082.


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