Reports of 50mm in dry western towns

Patchy rain finds parts of drought stricken south west

Rick Britton posted this photo on Facebook of a "picturesque cloud" near Boulia.

Rick Britton posted this photo on Facebook of a "picturesque cloud" near Boulia.


See some of the early rain reports.


LIGHT and patchy rain is falling in some much needed parts of western Queensland on Wednesday morning, with up to 50mm recorded in drought-stricken areas.

But, for other producers who received only a few millimetres, the dismal showing could prove problematic to their limited dry feed stocks, if forecast frosts come to fruition.

Having been a quiet forum over the past few months, the Who Got the Rain Facebook group was reinvigorated with reports this morning after storms in the central and south west caused by an upper trough movement. 

Gwen Cooms said it had been raining in Boulia since 3.45am with about 50mm in the rain gauge by 9am. 

“It’s the heaviest rain I’ve seen in my 23 years of living in Boulia,” Gwen posted on Facebook.

BOM measured 25mm in the town of Boulia and 5-10mm in other towns with similar falls and potential thunderstorms expected to move through the western areas until Friday. 

But, the totals weren’t as high in other areas, with many producers worried of the negative impacts a dismal fall could have on their dry feed supplies ahead of forecast frost.

BOM forecaster Aditi Sharan said from Friday a cold front would move in behind the upper trough and impact areas east of Charleville, including Roma and St George. 

“That will extend into the weekend,” she said.

“Even the coolest temperatures will stick around until early next week.” 

Vicki Franklin recorded 3.5mm on her property Wyoming Station, east of Charleville, and said storms had rolled through the area in the early hours of the morning.

Susan Turner reported a little storm at 1.30am in Quilpie where 2.5mm fell. 

“Been a while since we have heard thunder and rain on the roof,” she said. 

Karen Illingworth Emmott recorded 2mm at Noonbah, south west of Longreach while Claire Britton received 5mm at Mudgeacca, 23km south east of Boulia.

Steady rain was present north Dulacca, according to Phill Jay, with rain also reaching Aramac, Jenny Todd said. 


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