CRT FarmFest kicks off in Toowoomba

Faces from the first day of CRT FarmFest 2018

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Vanderfield planter specialist, Stephen Frahm, Bundaberg, and Nicol Morrison, Liquid Systems, South Australia.

Vanderfield planter specialist, Stephen Frahm, Bundaberg, and Nicol Morrison, Liquid Systems, South Australia.


The gates opened at CRT FarmFest 2018 today. Check out who we snapped strolling the lane-ways.


Despite dry conditions across much of Queensland and New South Wales, there’s still strong confidence and optimism among vendors and organisers alike at the 2018 CRT FarmFest which kicked off in Toowoomba on Tuesday. 

Event organisers said CRT FarmFest 2018 was shaping up to be at the leading edge of showcasing innovation in the rural sector again, with participating companies using the event as a launching pad for new products and services.

The field days have become renowned as the "one stop shop" for farmers and quickly became the "the place" in Queensland to showcase and launch new products into the market with farmers appreciating the ability to be able to see and compare what manufacturers are doing to make their equipment work better, and harder.

Kate Nugent, group manager of FarmFest organisers, Fairfax Rural Events, said CRT FarmFest certainly answers that need.

“We ourselves strive every year to find better and more efficient ways for our exhibitors to meet the needs of their customers, and every year we get more and more companies wanting to be a part of this exciting commercial agri-expo,” Ms Nugent said.

Vanderfield planter specialist Stephen Frahm, Bundaberg, said despite the dry conditions, he felt visitor numbers would still be as high as previous years. 

“However, we’re not real sure about whether it’s going to affect sales,” he said.

This year, Vanderfield are focusing on planting and planter attachments, and Mr Frahm said they’ve got a great range of products on show. 

“We’ve got displays here from Dawn Equipment which focuses on planter automation, we’ve got representation from Liquid Systems in South Australia who supply all of our liquid equipment for planters and we’ve got Monosem, specialists in precision planting.

“FarmFest is an exciting time, and our whole team loves coming to the field days.”

Check out who we snapped wandering the lane-ways on the first day of CRT FarmFest 2018.


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