Santa steers 265c at Roma prime sale

Roma prime Santa steers reach 265c


Roma prime sale yarded a total of 989 head of cattle on Thursday, May 17 with the market similar to that of last week.


A total yarding of 989 head of cattle were penned at Roma’s Prime Sale on Thursday, May 17.

Steers over 550kg sold to 263c/kg and averaged 249c/kg, while steers in the 400-550kg sold to 265c/kg, averaging 241c/kg.

The Enniskillen Pastoral Co, Mt Enniskillen, Blackall sold Santa steers for 265c/kg at 543kg returning $1,440/head. The Santa cows sold for 210c/kg at 552kg returning $1,161/head. RC Business, Maranoa, St George sold Santa cross steers for 263c/kg at 625kg returning $1,646/head.

Heifers over 450kg made to 242c/kg and averaged 228c/kg, heifers in the 350-450kg sold to 220c/kg, averaging 202c/kg.

WB & MG Graham, Catherinvale, Roma sold Santa cross heifers for 242c/kg at 576kg returning $1,395/head. Bambloom Pty Ltd, Richmond Downs, Roma sold Charbray cross heifers for 229c/kg at 538kg returning $1,233/head. The Charbray cross cows sold for 203c/kg at 595kg returning $1,209/head. R A Patterson, Roma sold Red Angus cross heifers at 224c/kg for 560kg returning $1,255/head.

Cows over 500kg peaked at 242c/kg and averaged 201c/kg, while cows in the 400-500kg class topped at 207c/kg and averaged 183c/kg. Cows 300-400kg sold to 189c/kg and averaged 144c/kg.

Mrs Statham, Possession Creek, Mitchell sold Santa cross cows for 242c/kg at 610kg returning $1,478/head. McWhirter Past Co, Pinehills, St George sold Santa cross cows for 209c/kg at 637kg returning $1,334/head. Noogilla Cattle Co, Woodlands, Mitchell sold Droughtmaster cross cows for 207c/kg at 486kg returning $1,007/head. Garry Ladbrook, Bulah, Yuleba sold Brangus cross cows for 204c/kg at 592kg returning $1,208/head.

AF & MF Douglas, Springfield, Mitchell sold Droughtmaster cows for 201c/kg at 639kg returning $1,285/head.

Les Baker, Raceview, Charleville sold Charbray cross cows for 200c/kg at 586kg returning $1,174/head.

Bulls over 600kg earned to 240c/kg and averaged 224c/kg.


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