Growing smarter supply chains

Growing smarter supply chains


Growers are set to benefit from new supply chain technology to improve quality assurance.


Northern Australian growers are set to benefit from new supply chain technology to improve quality assurance thanks to a collaborative project between Growcom and  Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Developing Northern Australia.

As a horticulture representative, Growcom is proud to be a part of the collaboration which is championing innovation in the mango industry that will have a direct and material impact on farmers and their produce.

The Smart Supply Chains project will run over the next two years, comprising a total project value of $830,000 with $300,000 in funding from the CRC.

Growcom is working closely with the CRC, based in Townsville, and agtech provider T-Provenance to improve supply chain efficiencies and reduce pressure on farmers in ensuring food safety and quality.

The Smart Supply Chains project will use a combination of sensor technology and new blockchain technology to ensure food safety, food quality, food traceability and authenticity within the supply chain.

Smart chips will be used to track deliveries and provide fruit and vegetable growers with data relating to the control of their produce while in transit.

The developing technology will have major applications for northern Australian farmers and create further demand for northern Australian produce.

As part of the project, Growcom will work with representatives from the mango industry to improve farm gate gate production.

It’s an exciting opportunity that has the chance to immensely benefit growers and their potential to export their produce domestically and internationally. The system could reduce the amount of rejected fruit by up to 30%, by helping all parties understand and improve the supply chain, from the farm gate to distributor to retailer.

Growcom will continue to work closely with the CRC to represent the interest of growers in Northern Australia and unlock potential for a smarter supply chain that boosts financial return for premium quality produce.

The story Growing smarter supply chains first appeared on North Queensland Register.


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