TopX North Burnett cows and calves $1560

Eidsvold cows and calves top $1560


A quality offering came to hand at the TopX North Burnett Eidsvold sale on Wednesday, April 11.


TopX North Burnett held its fortnightly sale in Eidsvold on Wednesday, April 11 with quality cattle on offer, receiving solid results.

Steers 200-300kg made 345c and averaged 305c, steers 300-400kg reached 325c and averaged 300c, while steers 400-500kg topped 269c and averaged 247c.

Heifers 200-300kg made 291c to average 263c, and heifers 300-400kg sold to 262c and averaged 258c.


HK Dwyer sold Charbray cross steers for 345c/kg at 235kg returning $811. Continuing to sell Simbrah steers 325c at 311kg returning $1013, Charbray cross heifers sold for 262c at 305kg returning $801.

R&V Horn sold Charbray cross steers for 322c at 266kg returning $857. Continuing to sell Charbray cross 303kg steers for 318c returning $965, Charbray cross heifers sold for 278c at 228kg returning $634.

Murray/Hartwig sold Droughtmaster cross steers for 320c at 248kg returning $796.

Drinkwater Partnership sold Droughtmaster cross steers for 320c at 326kg returning $1043, also selling 228kg steers for 319c returning $728.

S Pointon sold Brahman cross steers for 269c at 460kg returning $1238.

B Dingle sold Simmental cross steers for 278c at 365kg returning $1015.

J&L Bourke sold Angus cross heifers for 291c at 225kg returning $655.

B&J Holznagel sold Brahman cross heifers for 236c at 430kg returning $1015.

Brangus cows and calves sold open action $1560 per unit.

Next TopX North Burnett Store & Prime Cattle Sale, Thursday 26th April commencing 12.30pm


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