Yearling steers to feed 290.2c at Dalby sale

Yearling steers to feed 290.2c at Dalby


Numbers doubled at Dalby this week, with a yarding of 6774 cattle.


The trend of much larger numbers continued with the supply of stock almost doubling the previous week’s level at Dalby on Wednesday, where 6774 cattle were yarded.

Cattle were drawn from a wide area including South Australia and NSW. Export buyer attendance was generally good and all were operating.

Medium and heavy weight yearling steers to feed experienced little change in price, however the heifer portion eased up to 20c/kg in places.

The heavy grown steers and bullocks at the time of this interim report were too small in numbers to reliably quote. A large yarding of cows sold to a much cheaper trend with losses of 13c to 22c/kg common.

Yearling steers to feed made from 277.2c to 290.2c, up 20c and averaging 286.5c. Yearling heifers, also to feed, made from 250c to 275c to average 266.6c firm.

Heavy cows have sold from 205c to 223.2c, down 22c. The best light weight bull has made to 266.2c to feed.


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