Novice horse gap narrows

Novice horse competition heats up


The gap between the leader and second place in the ACA Novice Horse standings is closing rapidly.


Destined to Be owned by Tory Acton has remained in the top place of the ACA Novice Horse standings with 351.01 points.

However, the gap between the leader and second place is closing rapidly with Convict owned by Rohan Marks currently sitting on 336.33 points.

Pandora owned by Wally Rea has snuck into third place with 294 points followed by Privilege owned by Ben and Jaye Hall with 281.16 points. There has been little change to the top three places of the Novice Rider Title. Thomas Mills is still the man to beat on a whopping 754.71 points.

In second and third places remain Jamie Gray and Paul Christiansen with 475.66 and 375.35 points respectively. Kerry Turner has been racking up the points, resulting in her moving up to fourth place with 317.83 points.


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