Valentine’s Day – a love drought?

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Queensland Country Life Miss Showgirl and Quilpie governess, Claire Jackson.

Queensland Country Life Miss Showgirl and Quilpie governess, Claire Jackson.


Quilpie governess and View From the Paddock columnist, Claire Jackson hoped to find a thriving Valentine’s Day scene in western Queensland last week.


In keeping it seasonal, I thought what better than a wash up of the thriving Valentine’s Day scene in western Queensland?

Most country blokes are not known for possessing a strong romantic streak. However, hoping to prove this wrong, I spoke to five lads and ladies about their take on the day and here's how it went... 

#1 (Young Ringer): "They are just trying to make more money off us. But even if I wanted to be all cute and [stuff], they don’t even have flower places out here, and what? You reckon I could stop choccies melting?"

As much as I would like to, I really can't fault the logic here... 

#2 (Young Ringer's other half): "He wasn't even in service. Honestly, I was stoked with a nice message when the wi-fi started working again." 

#3 (The Girl Next Door): "It was just another day for us singletons. Should make it a public holiday so we could have at least have some races or something. Sadly no suitors popped out of the mulga to knock down the door.”

#4 (Old Mate): "That’s why I married this one, she doesn't make me to do all that flowery [stuff]."

#5 (Mrs Smith): "My husband is one of the good ones. Every year he wishes me a happy Valentine’s Day...... after a gentle reminder....or ten."

Despite my hopeful ambitions, I wasn’t overrun with Casanovas.

It was a lovely reminder though that not everyone’s idea of a fairy tale is made up of bunches of roses and glittering jewels.

The loves I encountered were undeniably strong, despite the romance looking about as dry as the dirt.

For a lot of us, the most perfect happily ever after isn’t about flashy, expensive, or Hollywood-worthy endings.

It’s romance that comes in the form of “drive safe and let me know when you get there”, or “it’s okay I’ll get this gate, it’s a hard one to open”.

While these moments may not be as Instagram worthy, to me they are even more beautiful.

 – Claire Jackson, Queensland Country Life Miss Showgirl


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