Drunk man’s nudie run at Fairy Meadow Beach ends in court

Damien Walton pleads guilty to drunken nudie run on Fairy Meadow beach

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Things didn't get any better when he was taken into custody....


Beachgoers looking for a relaxing, late-afternoon dip at Fairy Meadow Beach earlier this year got more than they bargained for when a drunk man pulled off his shorts and ran around naked on the sand.

Wollongong City Council on-duty lifeguard Tim Jennett was on the beach speaking with a female on January 6 when the pair was approached by Towradgi man Damien Walton, who asked Mr Jennett why he had a vehicle on the beach.

“It’s part of my role as a lifeguard to patrol the beach,” Mr Jennet responded, later telling police he noticed Walton, 35, was holding an open can of bourbon and that he appeared heavily intoxicated.

Walton became aggressive towards Mr Jennett, saying “don’t you know the tyres pollute the beaches?”

Mr Jennett told Walton he needed to leave the beach due to his level of intoxication and rude demeanour, however Walton refused to go and continued insisting Mr Jennett remove his vehicle from the area.

Moments later, Walton whipped off his shorts so he was entirely naked and lunged towards Mr Jennett, who tackled him to the ground.

Walton was able to slap Mr Jennett in the back of the head with his hand during the scuffle until two passersby came to assist him in detaining Walton.

However, while waiting for police to arrive, Walton broke free from their grasp and kicked and punched the lifeguard vehicle.

He then grabbed his backpack and shorts and ran off, still naked, yelling and screaming.

Police arrived and arrested Walton. He was taken to Wollongong Police Station where he again stripped naked and performed lewd acts towards female officers while in custody, at one stage waving his penis around and referring to it as a “pin dick”.

Walton was charged with seven offences including obscene exposure and offensive conduct, to which he pleaded guilty in Wollongong Local Court on Tuesday.

His case was adjourned for the preparation of a background report ahead of sentencing on April 3.

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