Toogoolawah: PTIC cows top $1510

TIC cows top $1510 at Toogoolawah

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TOOGOOLAWAH SALE: Graham Pryde and Marilyn Deuter, Buaraba, with their Santa steers that sold for $1170 at Toogoolawah.

TOOGOOLAWAH SALE: Graham Pryde and Marilyn Deuter, Buaraba, with their Santa steers that sold for $1170 at Toogoolawah.


Shepherdson and Boyd offered 1300 cattle at Toogoolawah store cattle sale on February 9.


PTIC Droughtmaster cows sold to a top of $1510 at Shepherdson and Boyd’s 1300 head Toogoolawah store sale on February 9.

Peter Simpson of Commissioners Flat, Peachester, sold two decks of PTIC Droughtmaster cows selling at $1510 and $1450. Siddins Pastoral Co, Beaudesert, had Charbray cows PTIC selling at $1380. PTIC Santa heifers made $1220. Manumbar Station sold Euro-cross aged cows and calves at $1590. Kev and Sheryl O’Brien had aged Charbray cows and calves at $1600. Wayne Browning sold Euro cows and calves at $1600. Young Brahman cows and calves made $1450.

The steer market opened firm, backed by the quite good seasonal conditions in South East Queensland. The past week’s heat will probably take its toll on the store market if no follow up rain in the next two weeks.

Stuart Paterson, Harlin, sold Brangus steers 22 months at $1290 and Droughtmaster at $1295. Cameron Retschlag, Nanango, sold Simmental-cross No7 steers at $1220 and $1190. Russell and Jenny Hampson, Monto, sold three decks of Charbray steers and heifers, steers selling at $1200 for 20 months and $955 for 12 months. Grant Ward sold 18 month old Brangus steers for $1150. 

Ross Milner, Baralaba, sold 12 months Brangus steers for $1110. Rebecca O’Brien, Gayndah, had high grade Brahman steers 15 months make $1030. Liekefett Holdings had Santa-cross steers 18 months for $1145. Jim and Sandra Gault sold Charbray steers 14 months at $1210. Nathan Heilig, Pumicestone, sold 18 months Charbray steers for $1125. Jenny Seaward, Gatton, sold Charbray steers 14 months for $1100. 

Graham and Judith McPherson sold another draft of magnificent Charbray steer calves for $1195, $1160 and $1110. Matt and Melissa George, Eskdale Cattle Co, sold 14 months Charbray steers for $1150 and Droughtmaster steers for $1050. L&M Brown, Mt Beppo, sold Charbray steers 12 months for $1070 and Angus-cross steers for $1060. Nev Tarry of Monto sold Brangus-cross weaner steers for $850. J&M Murray of Gatton sold Charbray steers 14 months for $1160. 

Geoff Gelhaar, Ingoldsby, sold Santa-cross steers 12 months for $1070 and Charolais-cross steers for $1005. Ian and Lyn Clelland sold Charbray-cross steers 12 months for $1030. Nev Maddern’s Droughtmaster cross steer calves sold for $885. Heather Aylward had Speckled Park steers 10 months make $1165. Skinneal Pastoral, Colinton, sold a great line of Charbray steer calves for $915 and $900. Manumbar Station had Charbray steer calves for $1000. Sean Doneley sold a great line of Santa-cross steers 12 months for $1090.

The heifer market was very strong, especially for breed types. Merv Burow sold 20 months Charbray heifers for $1170. Max and Kay Hockey, Eidsvold, sold two decks of 20 months Charolais Santa-cross and Santa heifers to a very solid demand. Charolais-cross heifers sold for $1170 and $1080. Santa-cross sold for $1095, while their Santa-cross heifers 14 months sold for $1005. Liekefett Holdings sold 20 months Santa-cross heifers for $1020. 

Susan Lee, Crows Nest, had Belmont-cross heifers 14 months for $930. Mick and Sue Symes, Eidsvold, had Charolais-cross heifers 16 months for $1075 and Angus-cross heifers for $1005. Cameron Retschlag’s Simmental cross heifers 15 months sold for $1085 and $970. Wendy Callinan sold Santa heifers 12-14 months for $910. Mt View Pastoral Co sold Charolais-cross heifers 14-15 months for $945, $885 and $800. Symbol D had Santa heifers 0 and 2 teeth for $1105 and $1075. Craig Redgwell sold a quality line of Santa heifers 20 months for $1215. Saltmarsh of Rockhampton sold a good line of Shorthorn-cross heifers 8-10 months for $800 and $730.


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