Boxing Day storm damage hits $10 million

South Burnett Boxing Day storm damage estimated at $10 million

A picture from Robyn Zackreson of a crop of soyabeans after the Boxing Day 2017 storm. Picture: Biedo

A picture from Robyn Zackreson of a crop of soyabeans after the Boxing Day 2017 storm. Picture: Biedo


But it isn't eligible for state or federal funding.


DAMAGE from the severe storm which hit the South Burnett on Boxing Day has already reached at least ten million dollars, according to Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation, but the natural disaster doesn’t warrant support from state or federal funding. 

BIEDO has collected survey responses for damage to private property from at least 88 landholders stretching from Stonelands, Hivesville, Cushnie, Fairdale, Mt McEuen, Inverlaw, Kumbia and Haly Creek after storms destroyed crops, private dwellings and infrastructure. 

While some costs may be covered by individual’s insurance, the trigger for NDRRA Disaster Declaration must see damage to public assets greater than $400,000. 

South Burnett Regional Council Mayor, Keith Campbell said council had been advised that the threshold was not met.

“Despite this, Council is coordinating a recovery plan for the South Burnett in response to this severe weather event whereby a network of support agencies is being developed to provide support in various ways,” he said. 

“The details of the various agencies will be advertised within the next couple of days.”

It is understood BlazeAid will offer support to the region. 

BIEDO CEO Kristy Frahm said the survey response had been overwhelming.

“BIEDO will work proactively to support the recovery process where possible, and assist landholders affected by the storms to access information, resources and support in collaboration with Council and other agencies,” she said.

“We extend our thoughts and best wishes to landholders impacted by the recent severe weather events during this very challenging time.”


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