Yearling steers hit 350.2c at Moreton​

Yearling steers hit 350.2c at Moreton


Restocker lines sold to a dearer market at Moreton this week.


Agents Boyd O’Brien Bartholomew reported a dearer market in comparison to the close of 2017 for restocker lines at this week’s Moreton sale. A small line-up of export came to hand and sold firm.

Yearling heifers account Rockside Droughtmasters sold for 316.2c weighing 190kg to return $601. Charbray yearling steers account S Handby, Ma Ma Creek sold for 350.2c weighing 219kg to return $767. Brahman cross 4 tooth heifers account J & M Heath, King Scrub sold for 240c weighing 355kg to return $852.

M Millewski, Rolleston sold pasture steers for 279.2c weighing 605kg to return $1690. B & K Harries, Lacey’s Creek sold Droughtmaster steers for 330.2c weighing 322.5kg to return $1065. R & J Bayliss, Ripley sold Charbray steers for 312.2c weighing 346.3kg to return $1081. 12 month old Charbray steers account Trevor Pix Family Trust, Canungra sold for 322.2c weighing 253kg to return $815. Trevor Pix also sold Charbray yearling heifers for 307.2c weighing 275kg to return $845.

R & J Fogg, Toogoolawah sold Angus cross weaner steers for 320.2c weighing 233.3kg to return $747. Brahman cross vealer steers account G Store, Beaudesert sold for 314.2c weighing 155kg to return $487. Braford cross vealer steers account M Gersekowski, Crows Nest sold for 318.2c weighing 185kg to return $589.

Santa cross vealer heifers account S Christensen, Rosevale sold for 309.2c weighing 232kg to return $717.80. S Williams sold Santa cross feeder steers for 309.2c weighing 585kg to return $904. R & L Livestock, Lake Clarendon sold Droughtmaster cross steers for 309.2c weighing 336.7c to return $1041.

G  R K Millewski, Minden sold Limo cross cows for 215.2c weighing 607.5kg to return $1307. G M S Toft, Marburg sold Droughtmaster cross bulls for 240c to weigh 755kg to return $1812.


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