Infinite Destiny in top spot

Rookie horses compete for top billing


A stellar performance at the Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Open has kept Infinite Destiny in the top spot for the One Moore Daddy Champion Rookie Horse Competition.


Infinite Destiny owned by Steve and Louise Comiskey still holds the top spot in the One Moore Daddy Champion Rookie Horse Competition, which can be attributed to her stellar performance to win the Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Open.

Concession owned by Jody Crozier has been working hard behind the scenes and has subsequently jumped into second position with 210.99 points. Princess With Chic owned by Matt Stanger has climbed seven places since the Rookie horses were last written about which brings the mare up into 9th place with 70 points.

The rest over the Christmas break is sure to be beneficial for the Rookie horses who are certain to enter back into the competition with vim and vigour when the drafting season kicks off once again.  


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