Ovarian cancer research is personal for Edwina

Cocktails for a Cure fundraiser nearly at the $100,000 mark

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Edwina and Adam McVeigh.

Edwina and Adam McVeigh.


Cocktails for a Cure raises money for research into Ovarian cancer.


The annual Cocktails for a Cure event held at Jimbour House each year is on its way to raising $100,000 for ovarian cancer research.

And ovarian cancer research is very close to the heart of the event founder Dalby nurse Edwina McVeigh, who is the wife of cottton and grain farmer Adam, and mother of three children.

Edwina lost her own mother Dianne at the age of 56 years, to ovarian cancer.

“This event helps to celebrate hope,” Edwina said. 

“I am constantly encouraged by people’s kindness and generosity, as raising funds for ovarian cancer research and knowing it could save another daughter, mother or sister is personally important to me.”  

Edwina reflects back to 2008 when her mother was diagnosed with stage two Ovarian Cancer,

Her mother underwent a full hysterectomy, and once recovered from surgery she started chemotherapy.

At the completion of her chemotherapy, Edwina said her mother was then told the news that her tumour markers (CA-125 protein) were in a ‘safe zone’ and she was healthy.

This would be the last time her mother and family would receive any good news. 

A few weeks later her mum was sick again. Once more she was admitted to hospital and this time she did not come home. 

On Wednesday, October 29, Edwina’s family turned off her life support machine. It had been 10 months since her ovarian cancer diagnosis.

A lot has happened since that fateful day. 

Edwina moved to Dalby and married Adam, and has since had three children; Paige (six) Annie (five) and Hamish (eight months). 

Edwina and Adam McVeigh with their three children.

Edwina and Adam McVeigh with their three children.

Next October marks the 10th anniversary of her mother’s death, and to some extent it has gotten harder.

“So much has changed,” Edwina said.

“She now has 11 grandchildren, but only got to meet two as her third grandchild was born 13 days before she died.

“Knowing she is missing out on so much is the hardest and that’s when she is missed the most,” Edwina said.

She always knew she wanted to do something in her mum’s memory, but it took time to have the strength to do it.

First Edwina had to learn to live life without her Mum.

She started out hosting a morning tea, then a girl’s night out, to now the grand backdrop of Jimbour House with Cocktails for a Cure.

Cocktails for a Cure now keeps Edwina’s mother’s legacy alive and to honour her battle with the disease.

Her hope is that the funds raised for the Mater Foundation will mean that a screening tool can be developed and made accessible to women to aid in early detection.

“Early detection is the key to fighting this disease,” Edwina said.

Cocktails for a Cure will be held at Jimbour House, on Saturday, February 24, 2018 at 6pm.  

Tickets can be purchased at www.trybooking.com/334402


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