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Lots could change this election, and View From the Paddock columnist, Keith Douglas has just the motivation.

Keith Douglas, Cloncurry auctioneer and real estate agent.

Keith Douglas, Cloncurry auctioneer and real estate agent.

With the upcoming state election upon us, it’s time to recap on all the things that need to change – cost of living in general, royalties to regions, airfares to and from the bush, less red tape in all areas, less pandering to the Greens, less politicking, and more leadership and planning for the future.

As I’m writing this I know that the people who have their hands up for these positions struggle with the thought of doing things differently.

They were raised in a society that tries to make everyone conform, has become frightened to step out of the box, and panders to the media.

Whether you liked or hated Joh Bjelke-Petersen, he made decisions and saw them through. He based his decisions on what was best for Queensland. And we were great back then.

Today I struggle to cast my vote, with people-pleasers all around, more interested in their career and their own position than the state of Queensland.

The minor parties seem more like family businesses than an alternative choice.

The major parties obviously struggle to find leaders.

The thing that frustrates me the most, is that the politicians of today make themselves appear busy, dealing with small irrelevant spot fires, while the big issues of crime, unemployment, hindrance to small business, minimum support for the food growers of our state, policies that keeps families together, spending our money on things that will pay dividends in the future, are neglected.

To fix these issues it’s going to take a tough approach.

As I look around at the horses in the race, leadership doesn’t appear to be in their breeding.

I honestly think it’s time that we do away with state government, and have the local government deal directly with the federal level … but again, a change like that would take guts and leadership, which I’ve mentioned is rare in our present political world.

 – Keith Douglas, Cloncurry auctioneer and real estate agent


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