Export market dearer at Moreton

Moreton export market dearer


Heavy feeder steers were slightly easier and all export descriptions were fully firm to slightly dearer at Moreton cattle sale on November 14.


Agents Boyd O’Brien Bartholomew reported a dearer market for veal and yearlings. Grain assist and quality trade sold firm to slightly dearer. Heavy feeder steers slightly easier all export were fully firm to slightly dearer. Backgrounders, veal and yearlings sold to a very competitive panel of buyers.

G Yates of Esk sold yearling heifers for 324.2c weighing 232kg to return $753.  Bev Turkington of Greenmount sold yearling steers for 3651.2c weighing 282kg to return $992.  Droughtmaster yearling steers account S Van Maarsaveen sold for 348.2c weighing 313kg to return $1091.  Tinton Grazing sold Euro cross steers for 273.2c to return $2029.

Pasture heifers account Taylor Schofield Grazing sold for 282.2c weighing 575kg to return $1622.  Woodford Slashing sold pasture heifers for 282.2c weighing 537kg to return $1516.  S Neuendorff of Cryna sold pasture ox for 297.2c weighing 365kg to return $1084.  Feeder steers account Avocavale sold for 304.2c weighing 417kg to return $1270.  Euro cross feeder heifers account G Yates sold for 309.2c weighing 340kg to return $1051.  Grain assist steers account Frank O’Shea of Thagoona sold for 307.2c weighing 427kg to return $1313.

Grain assist heifers account J and R Summerville sold for 303.2c weighing 366kg to return $1111.  Symbol D Grazing also sold grain assist yearling heifers  for 304.2c weighing 335kg returning $1019. G Doyle of Mutdapilly sold cows for 238.2c weighing 755kg to return $1798.  Sticklen and Lau sold charolais cross cows for 244.2c weighing 650kg to return $1587.  Tinton Grazing sold Euro cross cows for 239.2c weighing 545kg to return $1304.

Sticklen and Lau also sold charolais bulls for 285.2c weighing 875kg to return $2495.


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