Mulcahy climbs standings

Rea holds on, but Mulcahy close behind


Campdrafting competitors Wally Rea, John Mulcahy and Terry Hall hold the top three spots in the Master Rider Title standings.


Wally Rea can be found once again at the top of the Master Rider Title standings on an incredible 731.16 points. John Mulcahy has moved up into second place with 462.50 points and his win in the Open at Condamine recently has certainly contributed to his climb in the standings. Terry Hall rounds out the top three places with 400.76 points.

Jaiden Hill remains out in front of the Juvenile Rider Title competition with her points forever climbing. She’s currently sitting on 93 points, thanks to a couple of recent places at Oakey Campdraft. Siblings Jack and Kate Southern remain hot on each others heels with Jack on 74.20 points and Kate on 74.08 points.

Miss Pepto Lena is still out in front in the Cannard Hats Champion Cutout Horse Competition. 


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