Firearm law changes – what are the facts?

Opinion - The facts about changes to our firearm laws

Deb Frecklington, Deputy LNP Leader

Deb Frecklington, Deputy LNP Leader


Opinion: Deputy LNP Leader, Deb Frecklington, says that under regulations passed last week, law abiding owners will be able to keep their lever-action shotguns.


When it comes to changes in gun laws, the facts are often lost in all the emotion and politicking.

I would like to put the facts on the table about changes to firearm laws passed by State Parliament last week.

The LNP believes the fundamental role of government is to keep its citizens safe.

However we believe the need to protect the community should not interfere with the legitimate rights of primary producers to have appropriate tools of trade and the rights of sporting shooters to access firearms that allow them to enjoy their sport.

Late last year, all States and Territories agreed to amend the National Firearms Agreement to re-classify lever-action shotguns.

Without any consultation, Queensland’s Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk agreed to that reclassification – another broken promise from a Labor Government which has proved to be nothing but a sham on openness and transparency.

The LNP said at the time we would consult with owners and other stakeholders, which we did. We don’t take our riding instructions from Canberra and we are determined to listen to industry and consult with stakeholders.

What’s not widely known is that in 2015 the Federal Government imposed an import ban on the seven shot Adler until every State and Territory passed laws re-classifying the weapon.

So, had Queensland Parliament not agreed to re-classify this category of firearm, no seven-shot Adlers would ever had been allowed to enter Australia.

Last week’s attempt to block that re-classification was a desperate bid by Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) politicians to distance themselves from a Labor Government they have faithfully served and kept in government for the past three years.

With a state election close, KAP and One Nation need issues to campaign on and will seek to misrepresent any issue to scare regional Queenslanders.

It’s important to understand that, under the regulations passed last week, law abiding owners will be able to keep their lever-action shotguns and the regulation only applies to shotguns - no other lever-action firearm is affected.

Should you already own a seven-shot, lever-action shotgun or have inherited a legally-modified lever-action shotgun greater than five rounds, there are comprehensive transitional provisions that will protect your rights. While your shotgun will move from Category A to Category D, you can retain possession against your current licence without the need to acquire a Category D licence.

The regulation does not change the definition of “lawful modification” – any claims to the contrary are false and misleading.

The LNP will continue to take the fight up to Labor to ensure Queensland firearm owners are treated with respect and I encourage you to read our four-point Fairer Gun Lawsplan at

Law abiding owners will be able to keep their lever-action shotguns and the regulation only applies to shotguns - no other lever-action firearm is affected.

As part of this policy an LNP Government has committed to renew all existing category H (hand guns) licences for farmers and graziers and ensure that all new category H applications are assessed fairly and without delay.

While Labor will always treat law abiding firearm owners as if they are criminals, the LNP will always protect their rights and ensure laws are based on common sense and community safety. 

- Deb Frecklington, Deputy LNP Leader 


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