Numbers jump but prices ease slightly at Dalby sale

Numbers jump at Dalby sale


There were 3980 cattle yarded at this week's Dalby sale


Similar to some other markets, the supply of stock at Dalby sale this week more than doubled the previous week’s level, with 3980 cattle yarded.

Yearling steers to feed gained 6c to 8c and the medium weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 19c/kg better. However the wet weather money of the previous week was absent and heavy steers and bullocks lost some of the previous week’s gains to average 16c to 20c less.

This trend also flowed onto the cows with most 8c to 10c cheaper against the improvements of 20c the previous week.

Medium weight yearling steers made from 288.2c to 316.2c to average 306c with medium weight yearling heifers making 260c to 295c with an average of 284.4c.

Heavy weight grown steers sold at 270c to 281.2c to average 273.8c. Cows in the 520kg plus range sold at 212.2c to 223.2c with an average of 218.6c. The best heavy bull made 210.2c.


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