Bulls gain 20c at Mareeba

Young store bulls rise 35c at Mareeba


Young store bulls gained ground with an increase of 35 cents at the Mareeba prime and store cattle sale on October 10.


Mareeba combined agents penned a total of 791 head of cattle at the October 10 prime and store sale, an increase on last week’s yarding. 

One export processor attended, as well as local processors. The yarding was dominated by bulls suitable for the slaughter market.  Butchers cattle were limited this week and prices eased 25 cents for steers and 15 cents for heifers. 

Bullocks suitable for slaughter were again in short supply and lost 20 cents while heavy cows lost 35 cents on last week’s quotes.   

Bulls suitable for slaughter gained 20 cents. Young store bulls also gained ground with an increase of 35 cents and local trade cows were 25 cents cheaper. Store steers were up on last week as were store heifers. Cows and calves made $530.


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