Santa bull sells for $3214 at Moreton​ sale

Top bull sells for $3214 at Moreton


The market was dearer for all export cattle at Moreton sale this week.


The market at this week’s Moreton sale was considerably dearer for all export cattle with feeder cattle on the rise.

Two and 4 tooth grain assist Santa ox sold for 293.2c/kg weighing 771kg returning $2261 and 6 tooth 294.2c/kg weighing 701kg to return $2063 for Dunlop Cattle Co.

Angus calves account Rivermead Pty Ltd sold for 299.2c/kg weighing 759kg to return $833.

Braford cross steers a/c C Reinke sold for 311.2c/kg weighing 223kg and returning $696.

Droughtmaster vealer steers a/c Colthup Family Farms sold for 307.2c/kg weighing 225kg returning $691. P Dolan sold Limousin cross yearling steers for 293.2c/kg to weigh 337kg returning $988.

Euro cross feeder steers A/c RT & HK Cowan sold for 293.2c/kg weighing 429kg to return $1258.

Limousin x feeder steers a/c P Dolan sold for 282.2c/kg to weigh 347kg and return $978.

P & S Ballin sold grain assist Charolais cross heifers for 289.2c/kg weighing 385kg returning $1113.

Charolais cross heifers a/c Mt View Pastoral Co sold for 275.2c/kg weighed 448kg and returned $1231.

D & M Campbell sold Medium weight Brahmans cross cows  for 230.2c/kg weighing 475kg $1093.

Charolias cross cows from G & L Mollory sold for 234.2c/kg and weighed 770kg to return $1803.

Brangus cross cows from Riverslea Brangus sold for 232.2c/kg weighing 567kg and returning $1318.

Dunlop Cattle Co sold Santa bulls for 263.2c/kg weighing 880kg returning $2316 and 258.2c/kg weighing 1245kg to return $3214.

A Charolais bull a/c D & M Campbell sold for 262.2c/kg, weighed 655 kg and returned $1717.

Moreton Beef Classic Show and Sale will be held on Thursday, October 19.


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