Morgan Lewis joins LiquaForce

Morgan Lewis joins LiquaForce in Budekin

NEW FACE: Morgan Lewis has joined liquid fertiliser company LiquaForce, servicing the Burdekin region.

NEW FACE: Morgan Lewis has joined liquid fertiliser company LiquaForce, servicing the Burdekin region.


Morgan Lewis has joined liquid fertiliser comapny LiquaForce in the Burdekin region.


THERE’s a new face in the Burdekin and he’s ready to helpan innovative North Queensland company change the way cane farmers approach nutrient management.

Ingham-based company LiquaForce started developing and supplying liquid fertiliser to the cane industry more than a decade ago.

Demand for product has grown significantly since then, prompting the appointment of Morgan Lewis to represent LiquaForce in the Burdekin region.

Mr Lewis recently moved to the area from Tully, where he was an extension officer for Tully Cane Productivity Services Limited.

“In my early years after completing a Bachelor of Applied Science, I worked in a variety of positions and places, including Gympie, Gatton and Gayndah,” Mr Lewis said.

“I moved to the far north in 2013 and have absolutely fallen in love with the east coast of Queensland, and the agricultural industries here.

“I’m incredibly excited to be appointed as the first Burdekin member of the LiquaForce team and I look forward to helping farmers make the transition from traditional granular fertilisers to liquid fertilisers.

“I’m looking forward to putting my passion for agriculture and environmental management to good use in the Burdekin, and meeting more people from the community.”

Mr Lewis will join LiquaForce managing director Cameron Liddle at the 2017 Burdekin Water Forum on October 9-11.

Cameron Liddle said the theme of the forum, Managing Irrigated Agriculture in Great Barrier Reef Catchments, is an important focus for land managers.

“The forum provides a great opportunity for farmers, extension officers, water managers, scientists and industry specialists like LiquaForce, to network and discuss key issues including water and nitrogen use efficiency,” Mr Liddle said.

“We’re really keen to hear about what is being trialed in the NUE space as our own research in to our Liquid Ezy3 nutrient management products is proving to be really positive.

“Our products – PlantStarter, BigShot and Valu-N – have been independently proven by researchers at the University of Southern Queensland to reduce nitrogen leaching by 17 per cent compared to granular fertilisers, which is really exciting.

“Both scientific results and anecdotal evidence from growers also shows an increase in yield, better soil quality and a reduction in energy use and application costs.”


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