Rosevale Santa bull tops sale at $42,000​

Rosevale Santa Gertrudis bull tops sale at $42,000

Auctioneer Michael Smith, Rosevale co-principal David Greenup and buyers Glenn and John Hasleby with their $42,000 Rosevale Monty M482 (PP).

Auctioneer Michael Smith, Rosevale co-principal David Greenup and buyers Glenn and John Hasleby with their $42,000 Rosevale Monty M482 (PP).


The Rosevale Santa Gertrudis sale experienced strong demand from buyers across four states last Tuesday.


THE Greenup family’s annual on-property Rosevale Santa Gertrudis sale, Jandowae posted another solid result with bulls selling to $42,000 on the back of strong demand from buyers across four states last Tuesday.

Their local and interstate client base continues to grow year-on-year which was underpinned by loyal, long-term commercial buyers and seed stock producers wanting to invest in the Rosevale genetics.

Rosevale co-principal David Greenup said their sale result was at the top end of his expectations given the tightening seasonal conditions and high numbers of bulls on offer.

Demand was strong throughout the catalogue with almost the entire offering finding new homes and turned over $1,312,500 in seed stock sales.  Elders auctioneer Michael Smith and Landmark’s Joel Fleming and Colby Ede sold 146 bulls for a $8729 average which included 83 classified S bulls for a $10,722 average and 63 herd counterparts for a $6103 average and eight, polled PTIC classified S females to $8500 for a $4750 average.

Despite the high sale bull average price, 57 bulls or 40 percent of the catalogue sold between $3500 and $5500, representing excellent value. 

WA stud masters John, Maree, Glenn and Kasey Hasleby, Biara Santa Gertrudis stud, Northampton bid the $42,000 top money for Rosevale Monty M482 (PP), a 23-month-old, homozygous polled son of first season sire in Rosevale Jackaroo J566 (P).

Glenn Hasleby said they liked the eye appeal of the Jackaroo bloodline with his sons displaying his classic strong polled head and slick dark coat. “Monty has a great sheath, is structurally correct, is an early sexual maturer and his performance data matches his eye appeal,”  Mr Hasleby said.

Other buyers also thought a lot of the Jackaroo line – seven of his sons sold to average $21,357. Another son, Mario M88(P), sold to Andrew and Kate Chapman, Rowanlea stud, Calliope for the $34,000 second highest money. Mario exhibited the easy doing characteristics of his half-brother, recorded a 95 percent normal semen morphology result and measured 42cms for his scrotal circumference.

Another regular buyer was Craig Leggett, S. Kidman and Company, Rockybank Station, Roma who successfully bid $32,000 for another homozygous polled Jackaroo son in Matador M44(PP) which weighed in at 918kg at 24 months.

Mr Leggett also paid $30,000 for Rosevale Moonshine M408 (P), the high performance son of Rosevale Jethro J208 (PS) with balanced breeding values across all traits and an export dollar index value of plus 40, which ranked him in the top 1 per cent of the breed. Jethro was the major sire in the catalogue with 23 of his sons selling to average $9891. S. Kidman and Co bought three bulls for a $25,666 average.

The Rosevale Santa Gertrudis sale turned over $1,312,500.

The Rosevale Santa Gertrudis sale turned over $1,312,500.

Ben and Amanda Adams of the Dangarfield stud returned to Rosevale and secured the high performing, homozygous polled bull in Manchester M448(PP) for $29,000. Manchester was one of three Wightfields Downpour(P) sons who sold to average $18,666.   

Long-stranding clients Paul and Tim Kirkwood, Disney, Clermont were on the lookout for poll bulls with powerful fertility attributes and bought 20 bulls for a $9400 average to use in their pure Santa Gertrudis commercial operation.

Included in their order were two homozygous polled youngsters in Montana M512(PP)(Hanover) and Mozart M74 (PP)(Jackaroo) at $15,000 each.

Other bulk buyers included TVF Pastoral who secured seven bulls for an average of $11,928 for Albro and Minnie Downs Stations, South Westgrove Cattle Co, Injune (seven at $6,857) and Andrew and Lorraine Lewis, Bourke (five at $9700).

  • Agents: Elders and Landmark

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