Vetter wins Pride of the West

Premier stockhorse racing showcased at Quilpie


A big crowd turned out as Quilpie showcased stockhorse racing with its Pride of the West competition.

Despite the wind whipping up the red dust around them, Quilpie showcased stockhorse racing and attracted a big crowd with its Pride of the West competition.


Held at Bulloo Park, it featured a variety of stock challenges, cutting and racing events.

For the second year in a row, Charleville’s Danny Vetter’s horse, Little Man took out the big race at the end of the day.

Competitors came from all over the Channel Country and east as far as Chinchilla and Roma, and organisers said that it meant the Pride of the West had a great future as one of the outback’s premier horse events.


Wefit Rugs Junior Two Handed Cutting

  • 1st Lachie Hughes riding Westacre Warrior
  • 2nd Lace Burnes riding Little Tassa Flight
  • 3rd Ellie Hoch riding Classic

Pride of the West Fashions on the Field

  • Family: The Ferling McWaters Family
  • Six and Under Girl: Mia Holden
  • Six and Under Boy: Gus McWaters
  • Twelve  and Under Girl: Hallie Thompson
  • Twelve and Under Boy: Lewis Edwards
  • Sixteen and Under Girl: Sophia Tully
  • Sixteen and Under Boy: Oscar Murray
  • Lady of the Day: Megan Hooper
  • Gentleman of the Day: Owen Cross

South West Contracting Rookie Two Handed Cutting

  • 1st Mick Hughes riding Westacre Gymacre 
  • Equal 2nd Kerry Duff riding Trouble Maker 
  • Equal 2nd Kerry Duff riding Baby Roc 
  • 4th Kerry Duff riding Lethal Reality 

Santos Open Two Handed Cutting

  • 1st Carolyn Burnes riding Darlea Taping Fortissimo 
  • 2nd Andrew Burnes riding Hells Angel 
  • 3rd Carolyn Burnes riding Baby Roc 

Pryde’s EasiFeed Junior Stockman’s Challenge

  • 1st Lace Burnes riding Little Tassa Flight
  • 2nd Ellie Hoch riding Classic
  • 3rd Laura Hoch riding Desert Oak

Camrandale Rookie Stockman’s Challenge

  • 1st- Stacey Leader riding Tomcat 
  • 2nd- Stacey Leader riding Cowboy 
  • 3rd- Danny Vetter riding Little Man 

Paraway Pastoral Company Open Stockman’s Challenge 

  • 1st- Darryl Ogden riding Spin Me Lola 
  • 2nd- Mick Hughes riding Westacre Opal 
  • 3rd- Carolyn Burnes riding Miss Brigg N Freck 

RD Williams Machinery All Rounder

  • Danny Vetter’s Little Man 

Pride of the West

  • The Woolgrower’s Whirlwind Wager – Magic ridden by Paul Thureson
  • The Brown & Hurley Bat Out of Hell Sprint – Gunsmoke ridden by Zulika 
  • The Cattle Carter’s Quarter K Classic – Little Man ridden by Danny Vetter
  • The GDL Greased Lightning Stakes – Lockie ridden by Paul Thureson
  • 2017 Holling Constructions Pride of the West – Little Man ridden by Danny Vetter

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