Carcase comp helps set herd benchmark

Beef Australia 2018 sets the benchmark

Blair Angus

Blair Angus


The ANZ National Carcase Competition is the country's leading herd benchmarking tool.


Records have been blitzed with entries received for the ANZ National Carcase Competition.

This competition is arguably the leading benchmarking tool, for your herd, in the nation.

More than 20 processing plants participating from every Australian State (even Tasmania) make this a genuine national competition.

Our dedicated judge, with the support of MLA, is travelling the nation judging carcases utilising a cutting edge appraisal system within a number of market relevant classes.

Using the latest technology available to the beef industry the National Beef Carcase Competition is about benchmarking value in eating quality and saleable meat yield.

With a once in a generation transformative change under way within our industry to implement increased reliance on value based payment systems, Beef Australia 2018 is a great chance to benchmark your cattle and to gain insight into these futuristic grading systems.

There is no man more passionate about carcases than David Hill, chairman of the Carcase committee. He still remembers every carcase bullock entered in a Central Qld competion.

David never fails to organise a carcase awards dinner that is the ultimate showcase of all things beef so be sure to keep a look out for the dinner tickets on sale.

There is still time to muster that bullock paddock to be a competitor in the best beef competition in the world.

Our website will give you entry details and new plants are always welcome. 

So keep reading QCL, visit our website and, of course, keep in touch on social media.


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