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Despite local media reports - the Angus family's on-farm abattoir is still on track.

KIMBERLEY STATION: Josie and Blair Angus at home at Kimberley Station. Photo - Kelly Butterworth.

KIMBERLEY STATION: Josie and Blair Angus at home at Kimberley Station. Photo - Kelly Butterworth.

BLAIR and Josie Angus, Kimberley Station, Moranbah, are going full steam ahead with their proposed on-farm abattoir; contrary to local media reports. 

Mr Angus said after receiving approval from the Isaac Regional Council earlier this year, the project entered a negotiation period – which is where talks have stalled. 

In the period, which gave the Angus family and the local council an opportunity to negotiate on the conditions of the approval, a stalemate was met. 

The council body put forward additional conditions, which the Angus family are not willing to accept.

It was those conditions that the council was set to vote on when Mr and Mrs Angus elected to stall the vote to allow time for further negotiations to take place over the additional conditions. 

Mr Angus said the continuous setbacks were not only time consuming and costly, but extremely frustrating. 

“All I want to do is build a bloody meatworks and they keep coming up with stupid ideas,” he said. 

He said despite the council saying they had nothing but support for the project – he was yet to see that. 

“Actions speak far louder than words, it's as simple as that,” he said. 

“Getting to this stage has cost ourselves and rate payers of this shire a considerable amount of money neither ourselves nor council should have had to spend.” 

Despite the current setback, the project is set to move forward. 

“We are speaking to shortlisted companies for the detailed design - we've had two of them come out to visit and we're working through that process at the moment to work out which will do that,” Mr Angus said. 

“The project is still happening - the part that has stalled is the negotiated decisions stage.” 


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