Weaner steers reach 370c, av 333c at Roma

Weaner steers reach 370c, av 333c at Roma


There were 6225 head of cattle yarded at Roma’s Store Sale on Tuesday.


A total of 6225 head of cattle were consigned at Roma’s Store Sale on Tuesday. Weaner steers under 220kg topped at 370c/kg and averaged 333c, weaner steers 220-280kg reached 362c and averaged 324c. Steers 280- 350kg reached 340c and averaged 302c, and steers 350-400kg reached 306c and averaged 284c. Feeder steers 400-550kg topping at 284c and averaging 261c. Cows and calves hit $1240/unit.

Belfast Investments, Violet Station,  Winton,  sold Brahman cross steers for 269c at 585kg returning $1574/hd. The Brahman cross cows went for 217c at 538kg returning $1170/hd. West Farming P/L, Loomeah,  Roma,  sold Angus cross steers for 284c at 480kg returning $1364/hd. Nissi Farming, Bobadilla,  Roma,  sold Brahman cross steers for 842c at 440kg returning $1253/hd.

C.J. & C.M. Coomber, Jireh Park,  Roma,  sold Hereford cross steers for 306c at 355kg returning $1087/hd. Ian Brumpton Holdings Pty. Ltd, Oaklands,  Roma,  sold Angus cross steers for 340c at 327kg returning $1114/hd. S. & R. White Family Trust, Tarree Bar,  Roma,  sold Angus cross steers for 314c at 346kg returning $1089/hd. A.R & S.M Russell, Gladysvale,  Augathella,  sold Brangus steers for 328c at 246kg returning $808/hd.

Rosehearty Graz, Ingle Downs,  Winton,  sold Santa steers for 370c at 212kg for $785/hd. The Santa cross heifers went for 294c at 195kg returning $573/hd. RJ & KD Russell, Ingledoon,  Augathella,  sold Santa cross steers for 352c at 202kg for $714/hd. C.J. Russell, Ingledoon,  Augathella,  sold Santa cross steers for 352c at 186kg for $655/hd. Rotherfield Grazing Co, Valoak,  Longreach,  sold Santa steers for 338c at 187kg for $633/hd. The Santa heifers went for 298c at 216kg returning $645/hd.

AW & EJ Forster, Belfield Station,  Winton,  sold Charbray steers for 338c at 263kg for $892/hd. The Charolais heifers went for 286c at 271kg returning $777/hd. E.J & C.F Rolfe, Marie Downs,  Roma,  sold Charolais steers for 338c at 231kg for $784/hd. The Charolais cross heifers went for 292c at 236kg returning $692/hd.

G.J. & M.J. Owens, Arranmore,  Longreach,  sold Santa steers for 342c at 224kg for $766/hd. Reynella Grazing Co, Reynella,  Charleville,  sold Droughtmaster cross steers for 336c at 253kg for $851/hd. SR & ML Phelps, Wilga View,  Jackson,  sold Angus cross steers for 332c at 266kg for $884/hd. CJ Keys, Longowan,  Wandoan,  sold Droughtmaster steers for 274c at 585kg for $1608/hd.

Heifers under 220kg topped at 314c and averaged 282c, while heifers 220-280kg topped at 292c and averaged 272c. Heifers 280-350kg topped at 278c, averaging 246c. Heifers 350-450kg topped at 266c, averaging 247c.

Rob Cornish Electrical Pty Ltd, Riverview,  Mitchell,  sold Charolais heifers for 280c at 280kg returning $785/hd. TJ & J.M Caskey, Avalon,  Mitchell,  sold Charolais cross heifers for 306c at 206kg returning $632/hd.

Bulls under 400kg topped at 332c and averaged 260c, while bulls 400– 600kg topped at 251c and averaged 236c. Bulls over 600kg topped at 271c, averaging 256c. BC & KA Adams, Kingswood,  Taroom,  sold Droughtmaster bulls for 266c at 680kg returning $1810/hd.


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