Seven of top 10 beef regions located in Queensland

New maps reveal livestock numbers by regions


MLA has released the latest livestock distribution maps - how do the regions compare?

New maps released by Meat and Livestock Australia this week have revealed some interesting trends in sheep and livestock production across the nation.


The maps, built from data collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, clearly show Queensland as the nation’s beef powerhouse with seven of the top ten beef producing regions located in Queensland. 

  1. Fitzroy – 2.6 million head of cattle 
  2. Northern Territory – 2.2 million 
  3. Burdekin – 1.3 million 
  4. Border Rivers/Maranoa Balonne – 1.2 million 
  5. Desert Channels – 1.11 million 
  6. Rangelands (WA) 1.10 million 
  7. Southern Gulf – 1 million 
  8. Northern Gulf – 833,000 
  9. Glenelg Hopkin (VIC) – 800,000
  10. Burnett Mary – 799,000

But the maps also highlight the sharp decline in sheep numbers throughout western Queensland since the last ABS figures in 2012/13 along with the decline in total livestock numbers during recent drought years. 


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