Heavy bull sets record of $3124 at Toowoomba

Toowoomba heavy bulls sets $3124 record


Cows were firm while bullocks, store and lightweight feeder cattle values eased at Toowoomba cattle sale on August 21.


A total yarding of 771 cattle at Elders Harristown saleyards on August 21, Elders share 553 head.  Cows firm, bullocks cheaper, store and lightweight feeders cattle cheaper.  A heavy bull from John and Karol Wilkes set a Toowoomba record of $3124 for a meat processor bull.  Best bullocks ex same property sold to $2024.  Heavy feeder steers from Ian and Katrina Bebbington, Ramsay topped 280.2c while a cow from same property weighing 865kg topped the cow section at 210.2c or $1818.  Heavy heifers weighing 495kg from M&M Donohoe, Kilburnie returned $1239.  Trade weight feeder steers sold to $1066.  John Harth, Goombungee sold 290kg steers for 310.2c.  Vealer heifer calves to slaughter sold to 260c. 


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