Ekka 2017 Charbray results

Colinta dominate in Charbray judging


2017 Ekka Charbray results.


Breed: Charbray 

Judge: Paul Connor, Rosewood, Mornish

No. of exhibits: 11 exhibits

Junior champion bull: Colinta Mentor, Colinta Holdings, Springsure

Reserve junior champion bull: Colinta Lager, Colinta Holdngs, Springsure

Junior champion female: Colinta Melissa, Colinta Holdings, Springsure. 

Reserve junior champion female: Tunas Magnolia M202, Nadia Martins, Allora. 

Senior champion bull: Kandanga Valley Luster, John and Roz Mercer, Kandanga.

Reserve senior champion bull: Colinta Lincoln, Colinta Holdings, Springsure

Senior champion female:Kandanga Layla Kan L499, John and Roz Mercer, Kandanga

Grand champion bull:Colinta Mentor, Colinta Holdings, Springsure

Grand champion female: Colinta Melissa, Colinta Holdings, Springsure. 


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