Belmont Reds make you more for less

Belmont Reds make you more for less

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Regal reds: The Belmont Red Sale being held during the Belmont Australia Field Day on July 10, will include an offering of 22 rising two-year-old bulls and six PTIC heifers.

Regal reds: The Belmont Red Sale being held during the Belmont Australia Field Day on July 10, will include an offering of 22 rising two-year-old bulls and six PTIC heifers.


It’s widely acknowledged that Belmont Reds are highly fertile and good carcase animals.


It’s widely acknowledged that Belmont Reds are highly fertile and good carcase animals, however few producers know that in the CRC Meat quality trials, under both northern pasture and feedlot conditions, Belmont’s surpassed the Angus in marbling; or that a ‘Signature Beef’ Angus/Belmont Red composite won silver at the World Steak Branded Beef Challenge (UK 2016) to beat a full blood Waygu.

With its sleek coat, exceptional heat and cattle tick resistance, Belmont Reds are very low input cost cattle, that don’t require any special care to thrive naturally in Northern Australia. This tropical adaptation, plus superior carcase and fertility traits, equate to a trifecta of commercial profitability.

With a proven 24 per cent higher fertility than Brahmans (CRC), a herd of 1000 Belmont Red breeders for example, has the potential to produce an extra 240 calves per year. With weaners, conservatively worth $800 each, this equals an extra $192,000 income annually, from increased female fertility alone.

The introduction of DEXA for objectively measuring beef yield and other technologies like Genomics and EBVs will see significantly increased profit margins for proactive producers who improve their beef quantity and quality. Those who make educated decisions to buy sires with comparative, objectively measured, heritable and repeatable traits will be financially rewarded.

Belmont Australia invites you to learn more about profitable beef production, and the great Australian breed that “survive like Brahmans, eat like Angus and breed like rabbits”, at their inaugural field day and Belmont Red sale on Monday, July 10, at the Old Nerimbera School Complex, Rockhampton.

Speakers for the day include Dr George Seifert, Blair Angus, Dr Geoff Fordyce and Paul Williams. Lunch will be provided, followed by a Helmsman’s Auction sale. Guests are also invited to relax and socialise with afternoon drinks, which will bring the day to a close. 

Robert and Jane Sherry, Wahroonga Belmont’s, and Jeanne Seifert and Ian Stark, Seifert Belmont’s, will offer 28 Breedplan recorded, semen tested (morphology and motility) rising two-year-old bulls, and six PTIC heifers.

Seifert Belmont’s will offer a limited draft of three elite polled bulls (including a (PP) Homozygous Poll) and six PTIC heifers for the sale. Ultrasound pregnancy scanning has sex identified two male and two female calves in four of the heifers and specific due dates for six of the heifers.

As the largest breeder of purebred registered Belmont Reds in Australia, and founded on Dr George Seifert’s original herd incorporating 40 years of uncompromising genetic selection, Jeanne Seifert and Ian Stark of Seifert Belmont’s herald the new generation of Belmont Reds.

With a philosophy of rapid, repeatable genetic progress using facts, figures, and phenotype, they produce up to 200 bulls per year. A reputation for trusted breeding integrity means their cattle deliver what is promised.

“The bulls offered in the sale possess special genetic merits that qualified them for use in the Seifert Belmont herd last year as one-year-olds,” Mrs Seifert said. 

“Their recent work history as genuine proven yearling sires covering up to 50 cows each, in ticky marginal forest country, ensures they will excel in any conditions in the coming breeding season.”

A stand out in the draft is the dark red quiet homozygous Polled bull SEI160203, and 15 out of 16 EBVs measure above the 50th percentile including the often-antagonistic traits of carcase EBV’s and fat which are all above the top 20th percentile.

Bulls are blooded, vaccinated for Vibriosis and BEF, tested PI negative, DNA sire verified, DNA tested for Poll/ Horn, semen tested, pedigreed, registered and Breedplan recorded.

Wahroonga Belmonts commenced breeding bulls in 2015, and the Sherry’s believe in supplying functional animals that have data to backup their claims.

“Our sale team are from breeders with a long history in the Belmont Red breed and have had at least three calves and one every year,” Mr Sherry said.

“All passed a semen morphology test and are structurally sound. They are Breedplan recorded, all are above the breed average for scrotal size, EMA and below for days to calving.

“These bulls are ideal for crossing over any breed.”

To attend the Belmont Australia Field Day please RSVP to, ring Robert Sherry on 0410 424 770 or Jeanne Seifert on 0427 632 113. Sale bulls and heifers can be viewed on Belmont Australia website. To bid by phone if you’re unable to attend the field day please call sale agent Jason Heck, SBB Rockhampton on 0409 732 676 or 49 271 677.


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