First place for poultry at Rocky Show

Taking home the champion bird

Rob and Deb Wait, Deepwater, near Baffle Creek, with their winning entry.

Rob and Deb Wait, Deepwater, near Baffle Creek, with their winning entry.


Rob and Deb Wait, Deepwater, took home not only the champion bird of the Rockhampton Show, but also the reserve.


ROB Wait, Deepwater, near Baffle Creek, first came to the Rockhampton Show more than 40 years ago.

That year, there was 1012 poultry exhibits entered. 

While the competition may be considerably smaller now, Rob and his wife Deb Wait were thrilled to win not only the champion, but the reserve champion prizes in the poultry section this year. 

The couple live on 16 hectares with three head of cattle, ten ponies and horses, and a very large collection of chickens. 

Their winning entry was a Langshan bantam, and Mr and Mrs Wait said they had been breeding Langshan’s for 29 years. 

Mr Wait said breeding and showing poultry was something he had been “fond of” his entire life. 

Breeding to Australian standards, he said he only entered the very best of their birds.

“We had over 200 (chickens) but we’ve probably got 150 now,” he said.

“We have different breeds too - we have breeds for the grandkids as well, we have 11 grandkids all up but we have three that we’re showing for.”

It was not the first time the couple had taken home the win in Rockhampton; they said they have had champion bird of the show about five times. 

”It’s always good to get champion,” Mrs Wait said. 

“We have a lot of friends that do it, it’s social for us.”


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