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John Deere's 4640 Universal Display released

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IN CONTROL: John Deere has released the new 4640 Universal Display, offering better data collection and greater choice for monitoring and managing tractor-driven operations.

IN CONTROL: John Deere has released the new 4640 Universal Display, offering better data collection and greater choice for monitoring and managing tractor-driven operations.


John Deere's 4640 Universal Display has been released, offering better data collection and greater choice for monitoring and managing tractor-driven operations.


JOHN Deere has released its 4640 Universal Display in Australia as part of its latest Generation 4 Operating System.

John Mishler, production and precision ag marketing manager for John Deere, said the result was better data collection, increased application functionality, and greater choice for monitoring and managing many tractor-driven field operations.

The new 4640 Universal Display enables customers to use the most common and popular John Deere applications, including AutoTrac, documentation, and Section Control, in a portable display with the latest design and user interface.

"The new 4640 Universal Display provides a transportable, easy-to-operate solution for customers with the John Deere Generation 4 operating system," Mr Mishler said.

"Some enhancements built into the display include more on-screen help and diagnostic information to keep operators running and informed of their display capabilities; simplified Work Setup app with page-by-page navigation; and greater user customisation of run pages."

When it comes to performance, the 4640 Universal Display provides improved documentation for high-speed planting and nutrient applications, coupled with the latest data syncing functionalities for increased on-board/off-board flexibility. Additional enhancements include the ability to more accurately map and operate Section Control to precisely apply multiple products simultaneously with individual coverage maps and application points.

The display is designed to import new customer and product information without the risk of overwriting existing client/farm/field and guidance line information. It also has an expanded suite of Precision Ag Core applications, including AutoTrac, Section Control and documentation, as well as wireless data transfer (WDT) with the ‘data sync’ feature for automatic transmission of work documentation to the John Deere Operations Center.

The time it takes operators to setup and startup the display has been reduced and display navigation has been improved. This equates to more uptime for the user, as a quickly learnable display results in reduced training time, more time working, and fewer operator mistakes.

Cost of operation is said to be lower with the 4640 display. Improved Gen 4 applications such as AutoTrac, Section Control, and documentation increase customer profitability by helping users work more efficiently, reduce overlap and skips, and maximise inputs and field operations, Mr Mishler said. Combined with Gen 4 Section Control, operators can optimise field performance using distance and speed-based turning with the ability to dial in more quickly and accurately the desired settings.

In addition, a power button has been added to the back of the 4640 Display so operators can shut the display off or reboot without powering down the tractor, he said. The display is compatible with the Gen 4 Extended Monitor, which increases the number of run pages visible to the operator, giving easier access to more operation information.

Mr Mishler said precision ag software for the display was available as either one or five-year subscription periods and in two levels - either AutoTrac only or as Precision Ag Core that includes not only AutoTrac but also documentation and Section Control. 

"John Deere is the only supplier to offer machine-based precision ag subscriptions that allow customers to select the software they want and the duration of the subscription," he said.

"This gives customers a lower cost of entry into these precision ag applications and the ability to try new applications without having to buy permanent software licenses."

The 4640 Universal Display is available to order now. It is compatible with John Deere 30-Series to the latest 6R, 7R, 8R and 9R Series Tractors, as well as AutoTrac Universal and AutoTrac Controller compatible competitive tractors. Software update 17-2 is required for functionality. The Gen 4 Extended Monitor will be available mid-July 2017. Precision ag application compatibility for implements and controllers, and for general applications, is limited to the latest Gen 4 OS software available.


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