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The world's biggest factory produced tractor has been launched in Toowoomba. Check out the photos!


MORE than 100 people flocked to the Fendt 1000 Series launch at the Toowoomba Showgrounds last week, hosted by local business B&B Machinery. 

Business owner Kris Black said the tractor, which is in “a class of its own”, is the largest factory-produced front wheel assist tractor in the world. 

The tractor is part of the new range developed by Fendt in Germany, and with only two certified dealers in Queensland and Northern NSW, Mr Black said it was an exciting opportunity to be able to sell it. 

The Fendt 1000 Series is a 380-500 horse power, front wheel assisted tractor which fits down 30 inch rows – something Mr Black said was a big selling point. 

“There are people interested absolutely,” he said.

“Those not requiring a row crop configuration are tossing up between the biggest of the 900series and the mid-horsepower range of the new 1000 series.”

But one thing which impressed Mr Black was the tractor’s “brain”.

​”Some models have Fendt Grip Assisitant, which is the tractor’s onboard computer recommending tyre pressures and ballast weights, depending on the work you want to do” he said.

He said there was extensive training involved to be a certified dealer – including three days in Victoria. 

“The big thing for us is its versatility; it can go down a 30 inch row and turn easily at the end of the row with the ‘pull-in turn’ effect which increases the front axle speed to reduce the tractor’s turning radius by 10 per cent,” he said. 

“Machines can be ordered with standard three point linkage, factory quick hitch or drawbar only configuration.”

Mr Black said it has plenty of power coming from the 12.4L MAN engine with maximum torque being produced between 1150 and 1450rpm.

The machine was extensively tested in 45 degree heat to ensure the new hydraulically driven cooling system is up to the task.

The new 1000 series also has Fendt Stability Control and Dual-circuit braking for up to 60km/hr road work.


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