All the photos from the Inglewood trail ride

Inglewood State School's trail ride success


More than 300 riders competed at the Inglewood State School's trail ride fundraiser last weekend.

Inglewood State School P&C held its eleventh annual Trail Ride on May 13 and 14 at Camp Greenup; with more than 300 riders attending.


The ride is the P&C’s primary fundraiser each year and contributes greatly, and is well supported by the small local community.

Riders came from all directions again this year including the Gold Coast, Inverell and Moonie and they certainly weren’t disappointed with the track conditions. 

Many riders remarked on how good it was to feel like they were on a proper trail ride as opposed to overused tracks.

The hard working committee and volunteers run the event which is registered with Motorcycling Queensland. 

They cater for all levels of riders with tracks for peewee, novice and open which makes it a real family friendly weekend with meals, music and of course a bar thrown in of an evening.

The tracks were across four surrounding properties and special thanks must go to the landowners, Kenny and Shelley Rielly, Ashley and Prue Retallick, Mick and Donna Sutton, and Lindon and Cecily Charles for their generosity. 

They are all long time supporters of the school's fundraiser and their contribution is very much appreciated by the community.

The ride is traditionally held in the Easter school holidays but was postponed this year due to the gratefully received rain, which certainly added to the challenge for the riders who got to dodge the water holes in the creek beds, and slide in the mud.

The novice track was 6km this year and provided fun for many, young and old.

The open track had either a short loop option (25km) or a long loop (45km) with a choice in some places of an easy or a hard track for those up for a real challenge.


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