Busted hats to come of good use

Do you have a busted hat around the house?

Do you have a busted hat with a cracking story?

Do you have a busted hat with a cracking story?


Pull out your busted hats - and get your creativity flowing!


DO you have a few busted hats around at home?

The Rockhampton Show has come up with a great way to put them of use – and try to win a prize or two as well! 

Don’t worry – you get your hats back at the end of the show, but the display will be up for all three days, with the hats required from June 12 until June 17.

For people wanting to enter, it will cost $2 – and every busted hat needs to be accompanied by a story or poem depicting the life of the hat.

All of the stories and poems will be typed and displayed alongside the hats, in a display sure to catch a few eyes at the regional show. 

For more information, and to nominate, contact the Rockhampton Show Society.

Online nominations are welcomed at www.rockhamptonshow.com.au 


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