Warwick hosts bumper polocrosse weekend | Photos

Warwick hosts bumper polocrosse weekend


Australia took on reigning world champions South Africa in an epic battle for national polocrosse pride last weekend.


An action packed four day extravaganza of polocrosse at Warwick last weekend drew the largest crowd to a polocrosse event since the 2007 World Cup, proving the true Australia sport is fast gaining popularity.

With more than 600 riders playing three different polocrosse competitions (including an international Test series, interstate State of Origin and club level) on show, thousands of spectators flooded through the gates from Thursday to Sunday to witness some of the best polocrosse action ever seen in Australia.

Hosted by Warwick Polocrosse Club at one of country’s premier polocrosse grounds, spectators were treated to three nights of top international polocrosse as the Australian Men’s and Women’s team took on reigning World Champions South Africa.

Warwick Polocrosse Club president Les Fraser said the clash between the two best polocrosse nations in the world drew huge crowds. 

“When you get 14 of the best men and 14 of the best women players on the quality of horses we had here, you know the games were going to be amazing and they were,” Mr Fraser said.

Some of the best polocrosse horses in the country were put in a pool of horses to be used by both teams, with the predominant breed used being the Australian Stock Horse.

“If you are going to stage a word class event such as this, you need to provide the best horses possible,” Mr Fraser said. “There is no better breed than the Australian Stock Horse for an outstanding horse to play on and that was proved over three nights of action packed polocrosse.”

The Australian Women’s team triumphed over the South African women in all three games played under lights on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights with scores of 25-14, 30-14 and 25-19.  Champion Ladies Player of the Series was Lucy Grills from New South Wales and Champion Ladies Horse was awarded to Way Way Alley owned by Kevin and Sue Donnelly.

The fast paced men’s games showed the different style of play the South Africans have compared to the Australian team. The visiting team won all three games with scores of 31-21, 29-24 and 28-27.  In the final game on Saturday night, the Australian men had adapted their play to the match the style of the South Africans, giving them a much closer scoreline.  A goal scored by the Australians right on the buzzer, which could have taken the teams into a golden point battle, was disallowed dashing the home team’s hopes. 

The Champion Men's Player of the Carroll Truck International Test Series was awarded to South African Graham Maclarty and the Champion Men's Horse went to Bud owned by Trent Collins.

In the Barastoc Interstate Competition, New South Wales rode high in the saddle after winning five of the eight categories.  Queensland won the Under 30 Mixed Competition with Best Horse and Rider (Female) going to Queensland’s Tori Sherrif and Best Horse and Rider (Male) named as Queensland’s Beau Neal. Neal was also awarded Champion ASH for his mount Choir Girl.

Queensland’s Juniors also showed their strength, with both the boys and girls beating New South Wales.  Best Horse and Rider for the boys was Will Taylor, who also won the Champion ASH with his horse Taylor Made Moonshine.

Best Horse and Rider for the girls was Queensland’s Monique Hoare and Champion ASH went to Jess Melbourne’s Jaylock Diva.

As part of the weekend extravaganza of polocrosse, 70 club teams from Queensland and New South Wales competed in a separate competition – the Shell Cup Championship Carnival.  Almost 500 riders and horses battled for club pride as the 2017 Queensland Polocrosse season heats up.

Home side Warwick 1 made it to the Shell Cup Championship final and were too good against a fast paced Bauhinia team to take the trophy with a final score of 23-18.  Best Horse and Rider was awarded to Warwick’s Russell Owens.

In the Open competition, the winning team in A Grade was Guyra 1 who played a fast game against Gold Coast 1 to win with a close scoreline of 16-15.  Best Horse and Rider went to Guyra’s Sam Finlayson.  Gold Coast also featured in B Grade where the second team won over Dirranbandi 1.

In a well supported Mixed competition, Cunningham 1 beat Quirindi 18-4.  Best Horse and Rider Female went to Ryle Waugh from Cunningham and Best Horse and Rider Male was Quirindi’s Jordan Street.

Home side Warwick Juniors once again showed their strength, beating Chinchilla Juniors 14-8.  Best Horse and Rider was Tristan Cooper from Warwick.


Carroll Truck Sales International Test Series

Australia v South Africa

Thursday, April 20 

Ladies: Australia defeated South Africa 25-14. Player of the Match Laura Donnelly.

Men’s: South Africa defeated Australia 31-21. Player of the Match: Travis Timm.

Friday, April 21 

Men's: South Africa defeated Australia 29-24. Player of the Match: Graham Maclarty.

Ladies: Australia defeated South Africa 30-14. Player of the Match: Lucy Grills.

Saturday April 22

Ladies: Australia defeated South Africa 25-19. Player of the Match: Jean Hackland. Champion Ladies Player of the Series: Lucy Grills. Champion Ladies Horse: Way Way Alley owned by Kevin and Sue Donnelly.

Men's: South Africa defeated Australia 28-27. Player of the Match: Will Weston. Champion Men's player: Graham Maclarty. Champion Men's Horse: Bud owned by Trent Collins

Barastoc Interstate Series

Interstate Men’s Competition: Winners NSW, Runners up QLD, Beaten Team VIC. Best Horse and Rider: Jim Grills (NSW). Champion ASH: Matt Davison Berragoon Waves.

Interstate Women’s Competition: Winners NSW, Runners up QLD, Beaten Team WA. Best Horse and Rider: Wendy Barlow (NSW). Champion ASH: Leith Pryor Harwwod Oscar Lorenzo.

Interstate U30 Mixed Competition: Winners  QLD, Runners up NSW, Beaten Team VIC. Best Horse and Rider (Female): Tori Sherrif (Qld). Best Horse and Rider (Male): Beau Neal (Qld). Champion ASH: Beau Neal Choir Girl.

Interstate U21 Men’s Competition: Winners NSW, Runners up VIC, Beaten Team QLD. Best Horse and Rider: Zac Vines (Victoria). Champion ASH: Joe Wamsley Lulus Gift.

Interstate U21 Women’s Competition: Winners NSW, Runners up QLD. Best Horse and Rider: Abby Thompson (NSW). Champion ASH: Felicity Elford Ocean China.

Interstate Masters Mixed Competition: Winners NSW, Runners up VIC, Beaten Team QLD. Best Horse and Rider: John Forsythe (NSW). Champion ASH: John Forsythe Chilcotts Creek Dove.

Interstate Junior Boys Competition: Winners QLD, Runners up NSW. Best Horse and Rider: Will Taylor (Qld). Champion ASH: Will Taylor Taylor Made Moonshine.

Interstate Junior Girls Competition: Winners  QLD, Runners up NSW. Best Horse and Rider: Monique Hoare (Qld). Champion ASH: Jess Melbourne Jaylock Diva. Champion Horse in Barastoc Series: Luke Saul (NSW).

Shell Cup Competition 

Winners: Warwick 1 – 23, Runners up Bauhinia 1 – 18, Beaten Team Tansey 1. Best Horse and Rider: Russell Owens (Warwick).

A Grade Competition: Winners Guyra 1 – 16, Runners up Gold Coast 1 – 15, Beaten Team Tara. Best Horse and Rider: Sam Finlayson (Guyra).

B Grade Competition: Winners Gold Coast 2 – 16, Runners up Dirranbandi 1 – 12, Beaten Team Calliope 1. Best Horse and Rider: Jack Knight (Dirranbandi).

C Grade Competition: Winners Walcha 1 – 17, Runners up Gold Coast 3 – 4, Beaten Team Capella 1.

D Grade Competition: Winners Inverell – 13, Runners up Wandoan 2 – 11, Beaten Team Cunningham 1. Best Horse and Rider: Jess O'Brien (Inverell).

E Grade Competition: Winners Bauhinia 2 – 16, Runners up Gold Coast 4 – 6, Beaten Team Toowoomba 1. Best Horse and Rider: BJ Gentry (Tansey).

F Grade Competition: Winners Clifton – 10, Runners up St Rivers 1 – 7. Beaten Team Wandoan 3. Best Horse and Rider:Clinton Ward (Stanley Rivers).

G Grade Competition: Winners Pally 2 / Roma 2 – 13, Runners up Tansey 4 – 7. Best Horse and Rider: Sara Parker (Roma).

A Grade Mixed Competition: Winners Cunningham 1(Mxd) – 18, Runners up Quirindi 1 (Mxd) – 14, Beaten Team Quirindi 2 (Mxd). Best Horse and Rider (Female): Ryle Waugh (Cunningham). Best Horse and Rider (Male): Jordan Street (Quirindi).

B Grade Mixed Competition: Winners West Sale (Mxd) – 15, Runners up Tansey (Mxd) – 5, Beaten Team Warwick 1 (Mxd). Best Horse and Rider (Female): Mikayla Semmens (West Sale). Best Horse and Rider (Male): Michael Semmens (West Sale).

C Grade Mixed Competition: Winners Warwick 2 (Mxd) – 16, Runners up Sydney 2 (Mxd) – 9, Beaten Team Warwick 3 (Mxd). Best Horse and Rider (Female): Amelia Beck (Warwick). Best Horse and Rider (Male): Mick Rynne (Warwick).

A Grade Junior Competition: Winners Warwick (Jnr) – 14, Runners up Chinchilla (Jnr) – 8, Beaten Team Inverell (Jnr). Best Horse and Rider: Tristan Cooper (Warwick).

B Grade Junior Competition: Winners Bauhinia/ Capella (Jnr) – 11, Runners up Wandoan (Jnr) – 8, Beaten Team Gold Coast (Jnr). Best Horse and Rider: Ella Myers (Wandoan).


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