How to rebuild Australia’s sheep flock

St George hosts future flock forum April 27

ON THE MOVE: The Future Flock Forum in St George on Thursday, April 27 will focus on strategies to rebuild the sheep flock.

ON THE MOVE: The Future Flock Forum in St George on Thursday, April 27 will focus on strategies to rebuild the sheep flock.


The Future Flock Forum in St George on Thursday, April 27 will focus on strategies to rebuild Australia's sheep flock.


QUEENSLAND and Northern NSW sheep producers have the opportunity to hear from industry experts on strategies to rebuild the sheep flock. 

The free Future Flock Forum will be held in St George on Thursday, April 27 will discuss lamb survivability, eating quality, the latest in industry innovation and R&D, building opportunities for producers, and key issues in sheepmeat policy and on-farm impacts.

Speakers include:

Sheep industry consultant Jason Trompf: Lamb survivability … strategies to increasing Queensland’s sheep numbers quickly and getting industry back on track. For the Queensland sheep industry to continue its recent growth and development, improving lamb survivability will be a priority. Jason  will outline the opportunities and challenges in achieving higher lamb survival and touch on key factors such as genetics, feedbase management, and other practical tips. Dr Tromp is also speaking at a event from 10.30am-3pm in Garah, NSW, on April 26. 

Meat Science, Sheep CRC program manager, and Murdoch University, WAProfessor David Pethick: Securing markets – key research findings to link producers and meat eating quality. Prof Pethick is renowned for his research in applied meat science, which has made a major contribution to the understanding of meat quality and its management. He manages the Sheep CRC’s meat program and will help producers better understand the ‘sheepmeat language’, covering key research findings in the areas of yearling product and objective carcase measurement. 

MLA Sheep R&D program manager Richard Apps: Driving innovation and guaranteeing product integrity …. MLA investments in sheep R&D and producer tools. The need to protect product integrity to secure end markets is paramount. Richard will outline a range of MLA investments that deliver real value for levy payers. Hear the latest sheep industry innovation R&D priorities that deliver practical benefits on farm. There’s a range of current and emerging tools for producers and the sheep industry to guarantee product integrity while ensuring a productive and profitable sheep enterprise.  

Kathleen Allan, industry leadership and communication manager, Sheepmeat Council of Australia and Alistair Persse, Sheep Industry Leadership Program (SILP) participant: Building industry capability … how you can get involved.

SCA offers a number of innovative capacity building programs with the primary aim of upskilling current and future industry leaders in the areas of industry knowledge, leadership and governance. Kathleen will outline the opportunities available for producers and Alistair will speak of his own personal experience as a program participant and how these programs are helping increase leadership capability.

CLICK HERE to register online. Meals are included.

Contact Kathleen Allan, 0437 846 605, Sheepmeat Council of Australia.


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