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Far north Queensland innovator wins international award

Rob and Krista Watkins on the winners' podium at the 2017 Edison Awards in New York.

Rob and Krista Watkins on the winners' podium at the 2017 Edison Awards in New York.


A Far North Queensland product has taken out gold on the global innovation stage. Want to know what it is?


A Far North Queensland couple have taken out gold at the prestigious and internationally acclaimed Edison Awards. 

Rob and Krista Watkins are the brains behind Natural Evolution’s NutroLock – technology that has been scientifically tested to lock in 20 to 50 times more nutrition compared with other standard food processing techniques. 

Last night at a gala ceremony in New York, the method they use to produce the Walkamin-based company’s green banana flour and resistant starch won gold in the food and beverage category of the 30th annual awards.

Speaking from New York, Rob and Krista told the Queensland Country Life the journey had been a “great experience, a celebration of the team behind this project to bring it to life and market”.

“From everyone who has encouraged us, challenged us and supported us, that's the reason why we are standing on the global stage for innovation,” they said.

“We have never given up and continue to search and create innovative life changing products.

“There is a global need to curb waste and in an effort to use oversupplied or out of spec bananas some of the most ground breaking scientific discoveries have been made (resistant starch and 5HTP in Lady Finger bananas).

“We found a solution to a problem, but ended up creating a necessary food source.

“Resistant starch is emerging in health trends, most studies are being released about the positive benefits it has on diabetes, cholesterol and pancreatic cancers.

“Edison believed that innovation should change the world for the better, something we have encapsulated perfectly.

“We certainly hope our stance on the world innovation stage encourages others especially to take the leap and become part of the Edison legacy.”

The awards, named after inventor Thomas Edison, are an annual competition honouring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centred design and innovation. 

Finalists are chosen as the "best of the best" by 3000 of the world's top senior business executives, academics and innovation professionals.

The story Watkins are winners first appeared on North Queensland Register.


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